Principal Jimenez in his own words

Question: Now during this particular meeting did Respondent mention anything about Mr. Albetta’s sexuality?

Jimenez: No only his– he alluded to it

Question: oh he alluded to it

Jimenez: i think with the drinking after school

Question: So your recollection is that Respondent said something about Mr.Albetta drinking after school,that was an allusion to his sexuality.

Jimenez: Yes if you tie it to his past comments with Mr.Hernandez That how I saw it Like ah he’s coming

With this angle again. But outright he didn’t say anything about Mr. Albetta being homosexual.

Question: so you saw no connection to the comment about drinking between the fact that Mr. Albetta was driving. On the FDR after school?

Jimenez: Well he got into — this was right after school. So I didn’t– As soon as Respondent started to talk about Mr. Albetta’s lifestyle or and after school habits and activities, from — if it were in isolation it probably wouldn’t have mean anything to most people. But in the context of the history it– you could see where he was going with it. That my perception.


7 thoughts on “Principal Jimenez in his own words

  1. Why is it that a principal of a high school cannot form complete sentences or articulate himself properly? What kind of principal speaks in this fashion? Is this the best the city has to offer? He is a rambling, bumbling, stumbling lying sack of crap obsessed with homosexuality and vilifying innocent employees?

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