While Harvey Weinstein gets 23 years, David Jimenez gets a taxpayer’s pension.


Let these words from Felicia Bray’s federal lawsuit sink in and ask yourself why isn’t NYC school principal David Jimenez behind bars?

During her time at the School, Bray’s supervisor was Principal Jose David Jimenez. Bray asserts that over the course of the year that followed, Jimenez SEXUALLY ASSUALTED AND HARASSED her in six incidents described below.

  • The First Instance of sexual harassment occurred on October 15, 2008. Bray and Jimenez were at the school after normal school hours to attend a School Leadership Team Meeting. After the meeting Jimenez and Bray walked to a restaurant near the school. At the restaurant Jimenez touched Bray’s hand and told her he really liked her. Bray responded that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When they returned to the school’s parking lot, Jimenez asked Bray to reenter the school. Bray followed Jimenez to his office where Jimenez grabbed her breast from behind for two to five minutes. Bray screamed so loudly that a school custodian came to the office door. She hid inside Jimenez’s bathroom while Jimenez spoke to the custodian….

Hey Harvey, You should’ve been a principal!



If Harvey Weinstein would have been a principal in a New York City Public Schools he would be happily at work today. Instead Weinstein is sitting behind bars and Principals like David Jimenez and Howard Kwait are happily being paid by New York City taxpayers. Between Jimenez and Kwait, New York City taxpayers have coughed up over three million dollars in settlements to victims of these two. Plus both get to enjoy their $141,000 a year salary. The DOE punished Kwait who racked up 7 sexual harassment cases by giving him a job at a district office where he spends his days looking busy. Jimenez on the other hand is still at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school where according to students and staffers he spends his days hiding in his office and hiring young female teachers. Jimenez is contemplating retiring next school year and will collect a nice city pension while Weinstein will be sued by his victims and lose the majority of his wealth. Things that make you go HHHMMMPPHH.



Let them Eat Cake


This is how you smile when you rob Taxpayers money

School chancellor Richard Carranza has created his own Ivory tower at Tweed. Now let’s us remember that Carranza is the anti segregation school’s Chancellor. Carranza continually rants about how segregation is affecting Latinos and African Americans in the education system. So what does he do to end this so called policy. He builds himself a private office away from the Bullpen style office space that both Chancellor Farina and Walcott used during their reigns. Carranza has taken to segregating himself from those that work at Tweed. Rumor has it that he wants his staff to call him El Jefe and that armed guards stand at his door to shoo away any new ideas. Now these are only rumors!

Now in all honesty this seems like an Elitist move especially considering that Mayor DeBlasio’s term is coming to an end. Carranza has wasted taxpayers money for an office that he is going to use for no more than a year and a half or maybe its actually a bunker designed to protect him from those who criticized his policies or lack of. Either way this office space is a waste of taxpayer dollars that could have been used to support school based programs to help those underrepresented students that Carranza is currently hiding from in his new office.

When asked to response to the allegations of wasting taxpayer money Carranza responsed with a Marie Antoinette style response,”Let them Eat Cake.” (I didn’t actually speak with Carranza, but judging by his actions Marie Antoinette is his favorite elitist.)

Hi my name is Richard and I’m a victim


I just finished reading the above article and it screams one word to me, “Victim.” Now not to trash Latino Males, but those Latino Males that come to power like Richard Carranza and David Jimenez immediately begin to play the victim when they Fuck up.(pardon the language)

Carranza began this with his racist attack on alleged TOXIC WHITENESS a phrase I’m still waiting for him to justify. He then attacks Asians by calling them Yellow people. Now Let’s not forget his policy of turning African American and Latino Males into a permanent underclass by demanding teachers throughout the school system take it easy on them because they’ve had a difficult time.

So because Carranza has been questioned about his racist policy he now fears for his life because someone called him Taco Carranza. Hey Richard, how do you think those two female APs felt when Manhattan Center for Science and Math principal David Jimenez was sexual harassing them or those employees he bullied because they would not support him after he abuse those two women? How about the Seven female employees that were being sexual harassed at John Bowne high school. Maybe they all wished that they had body guards.

Really. Truth be told Richard, (Truly a White name if I ever heard one) maybe if you layoff your racist rhetoric you might find people more accepting of your policies.

One of Carranza’s policies that I find ridiculous is turning a Screen school like Manhattan Center for Science and Math into a community school. Really, Its Bad Enough that you allow a sexual predator like David Jimenez to run the school, but now you are determined to collapse a school that like the Phoenix rose from the ashes to become one of the best schools in NYC that is until David Jimenez took over.

Civil Servant

This is an open letter to Chancellor Richard Carranza.

Richard, you are a civil servant. Your job is to serve the people of New York City. Your position as School’s Chancellor is a political appointed position by a Mayor who was elected to served the people of New York City. Now in your mind you may think that you are the brightest educator in the bunch. Just a reminder, there are approximately 75,000 New York City Teachers who hold no less then a Master’s Degree and spend their days teaching the students you callously overlook on your way to your next political position. Those tax paying Queens parents that you so rudely insulted had the right to question you about your handling of the issues at hand. Instead, you bailed out like you were a El Jefe and that you answer to no one. Here’s a little reality check Richard, Mayor DeBlasio term is coming to an end and you will be just another bum with an Education on the street.

So here is a little advice from this point on, I would be more responsive towards any parent who has an issue with your running of the school system.

While Segregation in school has been outlawed by law since 1954, I would start looking at the segregation that occurs everyday in our schools. Instead of trying to get your picture in the paper Spend sometime in a school cafeteria and watch how each ethnic group segregate themselves. You can integrate all the schools you want, but a school cafeteria will always be the most segregated place in America.

My next piece of advice for you would be to leave your Racist mentality at home. See Racism knows no color all ethnic groups practice some sort of Racism (al la toxic whiteness.) See Richard, when I heard this I took offense because its Racist to assume that all white people are toxic, especially since that statement of your caused a racial divide amongst employees within the New York City Department of Education. Yes Richard many white teachers who give their heart and soul to the profession where insulted by your comment.

Your attack on Asian and White parents who work hard to give their kids a shot at success was ridiculous. First of all these parents should be glorified because of their work ethic. Second, their work ethic mirrors other Ethnic groups in New York City including one that you maybe familiar with, “Mexican Americans.” Now I’m guessing here, but I say your head is so stuck up in the ivory tower that you forgotten your roots. Which from your behavior in Queens seems to be true and I only say this because I’m more than positive that your parents would have demanded answers if you were assaulted at school.

In closing Richard, if I was you I would take a step back from the bright lights of New York Politics and realize that the New York City school system’s population is larger then some small towns in the United States and that these students are relying on you. Remember this job is not about you it is about those students that you serve.

Run Richard Run


I started this blog with the goal of bringing out to light the Bullying that exists in the New York City Department of Education. My primary target was and still is Manhattan Center for Science and Math Principal David Jimenez. In my 2013, 3020s hearing Arbitrator Lisa Brogan wrote “The Administration at Manhattan Center played an Active Role in harassing the respondent.” Within the next three years Jimenez was found to have sexual harassed two female APs. Both of who were African American. After being fined 250,000 dollars Jimenez began playing the race card. According to staff members Jimenez noted that, “they were after him because he was Dominican.” Let’s fast forward to a few days ago when school Chancellor Richard Carranza ran from parents in Queens who were seeking answers about handling violence incidents that occurred at their children’s school. Carranza’s responsed by leaving and complaining that there was a Racist agenda against him. Interesting, I thought considering that the woman in the video who was demanding answers sounded as if she had a Spanish accent. The reality was and still is that Carranza who was a failed Chancellor in Houston, Texas came to New York with his own racist agenda. Lest we forget his hunt for “toxic whiteness.” Lest we forget his attack on Asian parents and White parents who work hard to give their kids every advantage they can to succeed. Lest we not forget his goal of turning African American and Latino males into a permanent underclass by asking teachers to cut them a break in the classroom because they may be having difficult time at home. Hey Richard, this sounds pretty racist to me. What you’re basically stating is that these ethnic groups are the only ones who have problems at home. That pretty narrow minded of you. With all that being said I really would like you to explain “toxic whiteness” to me. See because in my classroom I gave the same work ethic I expected from my son’s teachers. Funny thing is I was also able to bring my life experience into my classroom enabling me to better connect with my students. See Richard my ancestors came from Italy to the United States when there was no Bilingual Education. They faced racism that would have made you cry, yet they did not complain. Instead they became part of American society and learned the language. They sent their children to school and used the Education system to advance themselves. Oddly enough this is extremely similar to those parents you walked out on. All they wanted was some assurances that their children would be able to get an education without being bullied. Instead of answering you did what any bully would do when confronted by the contemporary, you ran away and played victim.


A few days ago I wrote my first post for this blog since June. I wrote the post called Where are they now as a public service announcement for teachers still languishing in the ATR pool. Well it seems one of the individuals I wrote about has decided to comment on this blog. So I’ve decided to answer.

Let me start off by saying that these individuals are still concerned about this blog. The author of the blog noted this in comment they are concerned because I still am writing about David Jimenez’s sexual harassment of two female employees. As I noted in my opening paragraph this was a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Most sexual predators have to register with the state and their names are on a registry that can be access by the public. The reality is the majority of new teachers at Manhattan Center are female and they have the right to know.

Second, concerned notes that, “I Hate the individuals that I am writing about.” Sorry wrong again, I don’t Hate you people I actually feel sorry for you and the fact that each one of you has to look in the mirror everyday and realize that you fucked over a lot of good people for no reason. But as they say Karma a bitch and when it comes around be prepared. The reality is this group of individuals were wanna be gangsters. They surrounded Mike Thomas like they were tough guys and then played victim when they knew they screwed up. I often wondered why they never tried that with me. Guess I’ll never know.

The author of the comment also noted that their concerned for my well being. Well, genius don’t concern yourself with me. See I write this blog because I know it gets under your skin. I know it pisses you off. Its also great that some of your newbies discuss your behavior in public and how they are creeped out by you.

The author also wanted to know why I don’t discuss what I did wrong. Well first let me start off with the words of NYCDOE Arbitrator Lisa Brogan, “The Administration at Manhattan Center played an Active Role in harassing the respondent (me). ” So here are the bad things I did,

I notified the DOE of the workplaces harrassment that was occurring. That fell on deaf ears. Simply because Jimenez’s pals quashed it.

I notified the United Federation of Teachers, but Servia Silva allegedly stashed my complaint for almost three years. Good work David.

I didn’t bow down and kiss their asses. Unfortunately that’s not in my nature. I stood like a man of honor and confronted the problems that were occurring, but Albetta was a spoiled child who ran to his Daddy, David Jimenez.

I listened as David Jimenez perverted his views of Dan Albetta’s sexuality.

The final part of comment said for me to email the author. You must be kidding if you want to talk with me you know where to find me.

The reality is this comment got me thinking about a number of things like,

First, I noted that I heard a rumor about another case of sexual harrassment that is about to come out of Manhattan Center. I wrote it as such I did not make a direct allegation or accused anyone, but the response from concerned shows that someone is seriously concerned about this allegation and wants it kept quiet.

Second, As with Albetta’s alleged allegation I also noted the same thing that I had no proof yet to prove it, but the standard DOE response seems to be hiding something.

Third, That this issues I currently face in the DOE were brought on by David Jimenez. His finger prints are on the alleged knife in my back.

Fourth, This blog is still read everyday by David Jimenez, Dan Albetta and the rest of the cronies.

Let me close by stealing McDonald’s catchphrase “I’m loving it.”

Where are they now?

I first began writing this blog in October of 2013 to document my life in the ATR pool and how I got there. Well truth be told there were a number of people involved in my long strange trip.

The primary reason I was sent to the ATRs was that I knew too much about the David Jimenez sexual harassment of two female APs. In reality Jimenez should had been arrested and terminated. Jimenez forcibly touched a female AP and made numerous unwanted sexual advances towards her. Let’s look at it this Harvey Weinstein lost his company, was arrested and faces jail time and is constantly abuse in public. The only differences between these two are that Weinstein lose everything, Jimenez on the other was hit with a $250,000 fine that was paid by the New York City taxpayers and was allowed to keep his job. Rumor has it that another current employee is about to hit Jimenez with another sexual harassment lawsuit.

Daniel Albetta was the other reason why I was sent to the ATR pool. Albetta would often brag about “I got something on that little spic.” Referring to Jimenez. Albetta was the first person to tell me about the Dildo incident and that Jimenez asked the female AP, “is this yours.” In reality Albetta did a lot of underhanded shit to get his position. Albetta became head of security after a mysterious fire that occurred in the first floor boy’s bathroom which was often lock and magically was next to his office. Allegedly, a student saw Albetta exit the bathroom and smoke coming from the bathroom a few minutes later. Currently Albetta is principal at Bronx theater school, but his tenure there has not been without drama as he was allegedly investigated for inappropriate conduct with female students. I tried to FOIL the report and was told that it was an open investigation.

Brian Bradley, Truth be told Bradley was caught up in a situation that was beyond his control. Beside my case, Bradley was also a participant in the Mike Thomas incident. Bradley is currently the principal at Renaissance middle school. Rumor that his tenure has had it’s up and downs but his close relationship with District 4 superintendent has smooth over some of the bumps he faced.

Denise Winchester is still Assistant Principal of Operations at Manhattan Center. Winchester can be seen arriving to work late everyday by bicycle. Rumor has it Winchester is scare shitless that Jimenez is going to retire. She knows that no other principal would hire her and she can’t teach to save her life.

Dennis Hernandez has become the invisible man At last sighting, Hernandez was living the life walking down East 116th street with two blonde teachers. Since then he’s been invisible.

These five people are what’s wrong with the Department of Education.

Fredo Albetta strikes again


In her decision during my 3020a Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted the following, “The depth of negative feeling expressed by numerous witnesses for the Respondent about the types of individuals they deem Jimenez and Albetta to be, and the manner in which they run the Manhattan Center, was enough to cause this Hearing Officer serious concern.” Well the type of person David Jimenez is is well documented. He sexually abused and harassed two female AP.s and costed the city $250,000. The type of person Daniel Albetta is is also well documented. His supervisors saw him unfit to run the Queens high school he was at and shipped him to a district office. He lucked out and was sent to the Bronx THEATER SCHOOL. Recently, I was told of alleged allegations of inappropriate conduct with female students. I Foiled the DOE and was met with notice of delay. Rumors have it that Albetta targets teachers for no reason, That he fudges grades to pass students who don’t attend class. Teachers at his school fear for their jobs because allegedly Albetta brags about having friends in high places. Now for the funny part, I had told a few people about the alleged Albetta’s allegations and they responded with “That not a surprise.” Oddly enough, in 2010 a female student had complained about Albetta’s buddy Dennis Hernandez and like magic those allegations were swept under the rug. Well Ms. Brogan you were right to question these two and you should have took it farther. Instead you just sat on your hands.

Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators (ADASA)

The unspoken word around the New York City Department of Education is “Don’t speak about ADASA.” Oddly enough another organization with five letters in it acronym has the same edict.

ADASA is the Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators. This group’s primary concern was protecting the interest of Dominican Americans SUPERVISORS in the New York City Department of Education. Wait, one may ask, what about the other Latino groups that also work in the Department of Education? For ADASA they didn’t exist.

To gain a better understanding of ADASA we should look at a few of its esteemed members.

Manhattan Center principal David Jimenez was a member at large in ADASA when in reality he should have been a predator at large especially after sexually harassing two female assistant principals.

Jimenez of course was protected by his then rabbi Francesca Pena who was a NYCDOE Superintendent and the president of ADASA at the time of Jimenez’s sexual harrassment charges. Like magic Jimenez’s charges were swept under the rug and one of the assistant principal who filed the complaint against Jimenez was terminated and demoted.

Francesca Pena on the otherhand was terminated from the DOE for a spygate ring with another member of ADASA. Oddly enough Jimenez testified against Pena during her hearing. I’m guessing loyalty isn’t big amongst this group.

Current vice president of the CSA was also a member of ADASA. Allegedly Henry Rubio was ousted from his position as principal of A Phillip Randolph high school for a cheating scandal.

Recently one of the founders of ADASA Milady Baez was demoted from her DOE Supervisory position by current chancellor Richard Carranza.

Today ADASA seems to have gone underground, but its members have caused more havoc then good in the field of Education. The truth is this group had self serving interests that hurt both students and Educators alike. If anyone questioned their behavior they were considered racist according to the members of ADASA.