The NYC Department of Education version of Harvey Weinstein is David Jimenez.


Recently, I noticed that a post on this blog made the #metoo twitter feed. The post Fifty shades of Bull@#$! was written in April of 2015 and was primarily geared to show the sexual harassment that takes place in the New York City Public School system.  Sexual harassment and work place harassment run rampant inside the New York City Department of Education and many times reporting these incidents will fall on deaf ears.

On July 10, 2013, United States District court Judge Denise Cote ruled on a law suit filed by Felicia Bray against the New York City Department of Education

The words you are about to read were written by Denise Cote.


Unless otherwise noted, the following facts are undisputed and taken in the light most favorable to the plaintiff (Felicia Bray)….. In September 2008, Bray began working at the Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school as an interim acting assistant principal of Operation…..

During her time at the School, Bray’s supervisor was Principal Jose David Jimenez. Bray asserts that over the course of the year that followed, Jimenez SEXUALLY ASSUALTED AND HARASSED her in six incidents described below.

  • The First Instance of sexual harassment occurred on October 15, 2008. Bray and Jimenez were at the school after normal school hours to attend a School Leadership Team Meeting. After the meeting Jimenez and Bray walked to a restaurant near the school. At the restaurant Jimenez touched Bray’s hand and told her he really liked her. Bray responded that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When they returned to the school’s parking lot, Jimenez asked Bray to reenter the school. Bray followed Jimenez to his office where Jimenez grabbed her breast from behind for two to five minutes. Bray screamed so loudly that a school custodian came to the office door. She hid inside Jimenez’s bathroom while Jimenez spoke to the custodian….
  • A second incident occurred on November 26, 2008 Bray was driving out of the School’s parking lot when Jimenez drove up beside her began honking his horn and yelling for her to follow him “right now.” Bray ignored him and drove away.
  • The next incident took place in the spring of 2009. Bray was in her office with a colleague Dan Albetta when she received a call from Jimenez that she meet him in the health office. When Bray and Albetta arrived at the health office, Jimenez asked Bray to open the a desk drawer. The drawer contained a dildo and Jimenez asked Bray if the dildo was supposed to be in the office and began laughing. Bray responded that the item was frequently used in sex education classes.
  • Next, Jimenez invited Bray and Assistant Principal Arleen Milton to attend a formal networking event in Queens on May 8, 2008. Jimenez had asked if he could accompany Bray to her house so that they could drive to the event together and Bray refused. At the close of the event , as Bray was entering an elevator a belligerent Jimenez began screaming at her and demanding that she go home with him.
  • Around the same time Jimenez as Bray to attend the Senior Prom with him in May of 2008. when she declined, Jimenez reassigned  Bray from AP of Operation to AP of Physical Education, a position she was purportedly not qualified.
  • In July of  2009, Jimenez asked Bray to bring a binder with financial documents to his office. Jimenez met Bray in the hallway leaned it toward he and sniffed her neck and laughed.
  • In July of 2009 Bray began to complain about Jimenez’s sexual harassment.

In November of 2010 NBC news Reported Felicia Bray’s Sexual harassment complaint against David Jimenez.

Bray’s Cases unfortunately did not move forward because of the statute of limitation on reporting sexual and workplace harassment.

Jimenez on the other hand was left at Manhattan Center and the allegations of sexual and workplace harassment continue. As one teacher from Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School called the environment dysfunctional.






ZomboMeme 22012018164626It’s been a while since I posted to this blog, but this caught my eye today when it popped up on my son’s Facebook account under people you may know. In 2015, I wrote a post about Manhattan Center for Science and Math principal David Jimenez using the alias David Betancourt for his Facebook page. It seems nearly three years later Jimenez continues to use an alias. Now this is the same man who reported me to the Office of Special Investigations for allegedly having  a Facebook page that made comments about female teachers at Manhattan Center. Well I never had Facebook or any other social media and still don’t.

So the questions that need to be answer are simple,

Why is Jimenez using an alias for a social media account if he is doing nothing wrong?

If the New York City Department of Education frowns on teachers having social media accounts why hasn’t Jimenez been questioned about his Facebook account?

Finally, what is principal David Jimenez hiding?

The reality is David Jimenez should have been fired years ago. He is a lying sneaky backstabbing individual who has no ethics.

Maybe Jimenez should just stick to downward facing dog.


The Disappearance of Daniel (Fredo) Albetta.


I really wanted to post this in June, but a health scare interrupted my plans.

In late May of 2017, I received a number of comments on this blog about Daniel Albetta, the acting principal of Robert Wagner Secondary School in Queens.

Now I’m assuming here, but it seems most of the comments where made by members of the staff of Robert Wagner Secondary School.  The one constant in all the comments was that they read this blog prior to Daniel (Fredo) Albetta’s arrival.

One comment noted that they had read my blog and thought that I had stretch the truth a bit, but they changed their mind when they met Albetta. They also noted that this blog was often read by staff to prepare for Albetta next move. Talk about predictable.

Another comment noted that Albetta was given a mentor to help him through the difficulty first year. The writer of the comment noted that the mentor called Albetta an moron.

Another comment noted that in staff meeting Albetta would rarely talk and when he did he nobody would listen.

Another comment spoke about Albetta trying to fix grades a practice he commonly used at Manhattan Center. At Center Albetta would have those kids who missed gym write an essay at the end of the year for a passing grade.

Albetta is currently sitting in a Queens district office doing nothing.

Well here is my question? If Albetta was a great AP how come Jimenez didn’t take him back?




HEY, David, I’m still popular and you’re not!

ZomboMeme 29042017124112

Recently, I had stopped in the Love Cafe to get my coffee.  When I was approached by a Manhattan Center Student who asked me, ” are you Mr. Silvers?” I nodded yes and continued to give my order. This student then said, “You’re really popular amongst the students, Everyone reads your blog.” I once again politely nodded without saying a word. I thought to myself I’m still more popular then David Jimenez.

Jimenez once told a former teacher that these students won’t remember you when they leave. Interesting I thought because I am stopped by former Manhattan Center Students almost everyday. No David that line only fits in your mind.

After listening to the students comments, I decided to check my blog and to my surprise they were a my visitor numbers were up and there was a number of comments. Some of these comments were extremely vulgar and I did not post them. Most of the comments single out members of the administration at Manhattan Center. For example, one comment noted that, “they never see the principal in the hall or anywhere else to matter.” Another discussed Mr. Hernandez’s behavior and how they feel uncomfortable when he is around.  Now I know from my experiences with Mr. Hernandez this is a common theme.

One even commented about the FDR drive incident with Dan Albetta. To the author of that comment, Mr. Jimenez lied so much about that incident that the arbitrator noted his LACK OF CREDIBILITY.

Another wanted to know more about the alleged sexual harassment charges. To that author I presented the information that was set forth in a court of law. Now in my opinion I believe the victim.

Let me close in saying that I enjoyed reading your comments and I will post those comments that are well written provide a point or opinion and have no vulgarity.







Sex, Lies and Videotapes the SLT version.

vzm-img_20170112_204003Thanks to the New York State court of appeal School Leadership Team Meetings are now a public forum.

Recently Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School had to open their SLT to the public.

It seems at this meeting new Social Studies Assistant Principal Dennis Hernandez read off the American history Regent scores for the past three years.

In 2014 the American history Regent had a passing rate of 97 percent with 75 percent of the students score above 80 on the regents. Now many of those students had me as a history teacher in 2011 as freshmen and in 2012 as sophmore.

In 2015, the American history Regent had a passing rate of 98 percent with 75 percent achieving mastery on the exam. Now in 2012, I had many of these students as freshmen and even though I was running back and forth to my 3020a I managed to work on things like critical thinking and essay writing skills these skills are  necessary for writing a thematic essay.

In 2015, the American history passing rate on the regents plummeted to 90 percent with a 70 percent mastery rate. Interesting I thought, while a 90 percent passing rate on the regents would be acceptable in some school for the social studies teachers at Manhattan Center it is a defeat. I know the colleagues I worked with were great teachers who took pride in their passing rates.

Yet Hernandez read this score of with pride of course for Hernandez mediocrity is good. (Now I’m guessing the decline in the passing rate had something to do with Tecumseh being taught for three weeks and not being on the regents. Well maybe next year.)

I also heard Jimenez questioned the dedication of the former teachers at Manhattan Center. Jimenez announced that these former teachers cared more about the themselves then their students. Interesting considering that former students still discuss the Michael Thomas incident on East 116th and note how great of a teacher Mike Thomas was and how Jimenez faked his injuries.

The problem Jimenez had with the former teachers myself included was that Jimenez couldn’t bully us like he did the newbies. (one Newbie who was on the choppying block sold out another Newbie who had more time because they were bullied into it.)

Because Jimenez couldn’t bully us he had to try to compete with many of us on an intellectual level for Jimenez that was extremely difficult. Instead Jimenez became the Mother Goose of Manhattan Center and began telling fairy tales. Well now those fairy tales will become public knowledge. So see you at the next SLT meeting David.

A Christmas Story


As The cold December winds whistled through the cracks of Ebenezer Jimenez’s office window. He began to think how he dreaded this time of the year. Suddenly there was a loud screeching sound emanating outside his door. He thought to himself it must be the Grinch Winchester.

“Come in,” Ebenezer muttered in a barely audible voice. As the door opened he could see it was the Grinch Winchester she had looked older then when he hired her. The Grinch stated, “it’s that time of the year Ebenezer should I put out the Elves on a shelves to spy on the staff.” Absent-mindedly Ebenezer said, “that is the Burger meister Albetta’s job.” The Grinch looked confused which was nothing new.  Suddenly she stated, “the Burger meister Albetta has moved on to his own school.” A sad looking Ebenezer Jimenez dropped his head and quietly stated,” Oh yeah, I forgot.”

Picking up his head Ebenezer Jimenez looked at the Grinch Winchester and was startled by how much she had aged in her seven years with him. He then stated, “How come Oompa Loompa Hernandez is not here with you?” Looking nervous The Grinch Winchester replied, “He is sitting in his office with Santa Claus.” Whattttt!” shouted Ebenezer Jimenez. “Which school safety agent let Santa in without notify me.” Looking even more nervous the Grinch Winchester replied, “no one he just appeared.”

As Ebenzer walked over to his computer he explained to the Grinch that last Christmas he had hidden an Elf on the shelf in both the Burger meister Albetta’s office and Oompa Loompa Hernandez’s office. He explained to the Grinch, “that he could never trust those two.”

As Ebenezer switched on the Elf on a shelf doll its image began to appear. It was the first floor women’s bathroom. The Grinch Winchester turned and looked at Ebenezer Jimenez and stated, “I used that bathroom on a daily basis.” Ebenezer Jimenez looked at her and stated “Hubba Hubba.” With the press of another key on his keyboard Ebenezer Jimenez switched the Elf cams as he called it. Suddenly, an image of Oompa Loompa Hernandez’s office appeared. Through the speakers came the sound of Santa’s voice.

“So Oompa Loompa Hernandez why have you asked me here during my busy season.”

“Santa,” stated Oompa Loompa Hernandez, “I want to get off the naughty list.”

Suddenly Santa raised an eyebrow and asked Oompa Loompa Hernandez, “Did you hear that noise.”

“What noise,” replied Oompa Loompa Hernandez.

“Nevermind said Santa It’s an old building and I maybe hearing things.”

“Continue” said Santa.

“Santa” replied Oompa Loompa Hernandez. “I just want to get off the Naughty List like the Burger meister Albetta.”

Once again Santa hear the sound, but responded to Oompa Loompa Hernandez request. “The Burger meister Albetta got of the Naughty List,” (Santa paused more to listen for the sound then to formulate an answer.) because he finally told the truth about all his transgressions.”  Santa looked at Oompa Loompa Hernandez and said, “did that word confuse you.” With a child like look on his face Oompa Loompa Hernandez said, “Yes”

“You see Oompa Loompa Hernandez  the Burger meister Albetta was passed over for a Principal Job last year and during last Christmas Season while sitting in the first floor men’should bathroom he had called me.” stated Santa.

“When I asked him why we are meeting in a Men’s bathroom he stated. The Boy’s bathroom next door is where my rise to power began. Someone had started a fire in a trash can and according to Ebenezer Jimenez it was a heroic effort on my part.” Santa looked at Oompa Loompa Hernandez and stated “did you buy that.”

Santa continued the Burger meister Albetta’s story. “Well Santa, stated the Burger meister Albetta that was then and this is now. Ebenezer Jimenez is now targeting me. “He told the quality review that the reason the teacher’s in the history department are mainly graded developing, yet the Regent scores are high is because I have a problem with the teachers.”

” Really,” said Santa, “need I remind you of your involvement in the Silvers’ 3020a hearing or the other teacher you targeted that should remain nameless.”

Oompa Loompa Hernandez, interrupted Santa and stated, “so how did the Burger meister Albetta get off the Naughty List?”

Suddenly Santa heard the noise again. it was a familiar noise. So he slowly repeated Oompa Loompa Hernandez’s question.  “So.” no noise. “how did.” still nothing. “The Burger meister Albetta get off.” nothing. “The Naughty List.” Suddenly the noise appeared. Oompa Loompa Hernandez replied, “I heard it.”

So Santa continued to repeat the phrase, “The Naughty list, The Naughty List, The Naughty List.” at that moment Santa noticed smoke coming out of the telephone box that never worked. Santa walked over to the phone box and angrily ripped it off the wall. In the space behind the box was an Elf on the shelf doll gyrating it’s hips and repeating the phrase Hubba Hubba.

Santa raised the doll to his face an yelled, “Ebenezer Jimenez don’t go anywhere  I’m coming to your office.”

Ebenezer Jimenez jumped out of his chair so fast that it startled the Grinch Winchester. he looked at her and stated, “I’m leaving you stay here and take Santa’s wrath.”

Ebenezer raced to the hallway door and struggled to open it, but it was locked from the outside. As he turned an headed for the office side door it swung open with incredible force. It was Santa holding Oompa Loompa Hernandez by the nape of his neck.

Ebenezer Jimenez looked at Oompa Loompa Hernandez and screamed,” you traitor after all I’ve done for you!”

Santa looked at Ebenezer Jimenez and screamed, “sit down Ebenezer Jimenez! We about to have a talk about the Naughty List.” Suddenly Ebenezer Jimenez leapt from his seat and started gyrating his hips and shouting, “Hubba Hubba.”

Santa looked at Ebenezer Jimenez and shook his head. Suddenly Santa pushed Ebenezer Jimenez  back into his seat and strapped him there with a jacket of mistletoe and place a peppermint mask across his mouth. Santa then stated, Listen carefully Ebenezer Jimenez, “I am going to remove Oompa Loompa Hernandez from the Naughty List and allow him to get what he is wishing for a transfer to the Burger meister Albetta’s school.” As for the Grinch Winchester,” I will allow her to get another job somewhere.”

Now it is time for your punishment. Ebenezer Jimenez, “You will forever remain on the naughty list. You also must sit in your office alone and wallow in your misery for ever. Your final punishment is probably the cruelest of them all. You see , said Santa I was watching one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes before Oompa Loompa Hernandez and with the voice of the Soupnazi from Seinfeld Santa handed Ebenezer Jimenez his final punishment as he stated no shoe lifts for you.”


I’m amazed!

I have taken a break from posting on this blog for one reason. I am currently in the Rubber Room (According to the DOE they do not exist. Trust me they do and 115 teachers that I currently know about will testify that there are rubber rooms.) My crime Using a Parking Permit for one day and not returning it. Meanwhile, I returned it the next day and signed it out again. According to the principal of Fashion HS this disrupted the educational process. So for this I am currently a member of the Rubber Room. Amazing Huh?

Yesterday, while reading the New York Post I came across the above article. It seems John Bowne high school principal Howard Kwait has been charged with sexual harassment 4 times and has cost the city a half a billion dollars. Now the amazing part to this story is he stills has a job.

Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez has also skated on sexual harassment charges twice. So I’m guessing the three strikes your out rule doesn’t apply in the New York City Department of Education.

So I’m guessing the moral of this story is it okay to abuse women in the DOE, but don’t abuse a parking permit.