The Ghost of Christmas Past.


As Ebenezer Jimenez slithered into his office he noted the calendar had been turned to December by the Grinch Winchester. Ebenezer Jimenez hated the Holiday season especially after Santa had placed him on the Naughty list and a Federal judge agreed that he sexual harassed Felicia Bray.

Ebenezer Jimenez sat in his big office all alone as two of his most trusted associates had bailed out on him the Burgermiester Albetta was abusing his new staff at his Bronx high school and Brian Bradley was siding up the superintendent of District 4 who spent more time at Bradley’s school then any other school in District 4. Depressed Jimenez called in the Grinch Winchester.

The Grinch Winchester ran into his office screeching Yeeessss Ebenezer! Ebenezer holding his ears asked the Grinch where is this years Christmas party going to be held. The Grinch replied, I don’t know, I thought we just have Hawaiian Punch and Chocolate cake in the library. In his head Ebenzer Jimenez played out the scenario of a Christmas party in the library. ” I’ll send the Grinch to Costco with the P-card and she could buy the Hawaiian Punch, Chocolate Cake and the Rolex watch I’ve been eyeing.” Suddenly Jimenez was awoken out of his fantasy by the sound of young female voice calling him, Ebenezer Jimenez, Ebenezer Jimenez.

When Ebenezer Jimenez opened his eyes he saw the outline of woman standing in front of him. His hips began to gyrate and the words Hubba Hubba began to form on his lips when suddenly he was smack across the face with the naughty list. Ebenezer Jimenez suddenly sat up straight when he noticed that the woman in front of wore a detective badge he turned to look behind him. Suddenly the booming voice of Santa filled the room, ” Its that time of the year Ebenezer Jimenez we are going to look over the naughty list.” At that point Ebenezer Jimenez began panting and gyrating his hips. This time Santa slapped him in his balding head and stated to the detective in front of him some things never changed. At that point the Detective handed Ebenezer Jimenez her card. Ebenezer Jimenez glanced at the card and noticed the bold type that stated Special Victims Unit. Ebenezer Jimenez quickly turned to Santa and said what’s the meaning of this. Santa stated simply let’s look at the naughty list. This time Ebenezer Jimenez sat perfectly still. Shocked Santa looked at the Detective and wondered what mystic powers she had.

Santa then began to read off the naughty list. Ebenezer Jimenez your behavior towards women has cost New York City $250,000. Santa looked at Ebenezer Jimenez and said what do you have to say for yourself. Ebenezer Jimenez looked at Santa with a blank stare and stated I plea the 18th Amendment. Both Santa and the Detective looked puzzled. Suddenly,  the screeching voice the Grinch Winchester shouted Oompa Loompa Hernandez get in here you know about the constitutional stuff. Oompa Loompa Hernandez had his ear pressed up against the door when the Grinch Winchester opened it causing Oompa Loompa Hernandez to hit the floor with a loud thud. Oompa Loompa Hernandez stated I believe Ebenezer meant to plea the 13th Amendment. Santa looked at the three of them and stated, I can’t believe the stupidity I’m hearing. Santa look at Ebenezer Jimenez and said how are you the principal of high school. I was born in the North Pole and I know that the 18th Amendment is for prohibition and the 13th Amendment ended slavery. At that moment the Grinch Winchester shouted Ebenezer was a slave to alcohol when those incidents happened. Stunned Santa looked at her and stated, maybe you should get on you bicycle and ride into heavy on coming traffic twice.

Now, Ebenezer Jimenez, Santa yelled in a booming voice. You have wasted enough time Did you not cost the city taxpayers $250,000. Ebenezer Jimenez bowed his head and said yes. Santa said, did you not make the headlines of the New York Post twice for Sexual harassment. Yes, said Jimenez. Finally, Santa said, the Detective here would like to ask you a question. Ebenezer Jimenez replied okay. The Detective turned to Ebenezer Jimenez and said would you like to explain your actions at that Hookah bar in Washington Heights. Ebenezer Jimenez began to Gyrate his hips when the Detective stated keep that up and you’ll be the belle of the ball at the Rikers island Christmas party.





Welcome to the party pal!!!


It seems that New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer has finally figured out that a number of DOE principals have abused their power by spending recklessly on lavish vacations.

Well In the immortal words of John Mcclane, of Die Hard fame “Welcome to the party pal.”

This blog has discussed the fiscal improprieties of David Jimenez since October of 2013

The above blog posts shows the pattern of corruption that has existed at Manhattan Center since David Jimenez become principal.

For example,

On June 5 2009, Jimenez made 6 purchases from Expedia Travel totaling $8,503.76 using the P-Card for a trip to China 

On June 8, 2009, Jimenez purchased plane tickets from Cathay Pacific Airlines totaling $6,230.00 using the P-Card for a trip to China for a party of 8.

On June 8, 2009, Jimenez purchased one ticket in the name of Jose David Jimenez for a trip to Bangkok Thailand totaling $370.00 using the P-Card.

I’ve always questioned why the New York City Department of Education never questioned Jimenez why he purchased a solo ticket to Bangkok, Thailand while the rest of the travel party stood in China. There are only two possible reasons why Jimenez went to Thailand but himself and I’m only speculating here, but it either involved sex or drugs both which are lucrative trades in Bangkok, Thailand. Now if I was to judge based on Jimenez’s behavior and recent fine for sexual harassment, I would say that sex might have played a role for that trip, but I’m speculating.

I am finally glad that Scott Stringer has brought to light this corruption inside the DOE.

Danger Ms. Robinson

2016-01-05 18.55.14This is a warning to the new young female teachers of Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school. Your principal David Jose Jimenez is a sexual predator.

This is a guide to how Jimenez will eventually try to sexual harass you.

Step 1 Hiring you

While he may have been professional during your interview and you are qualified to be a teacher, your looks  have played a very important part of you getting hired. Trust me Jimenez is a wolf in sheets clothing.

Step 2: Money

He begins to offer you per-session jobs. Whether its starting an after-school club or tutoring. Jimenez will try anything to keep you in school later and later.

Step 3 Surprise visits.

Jimenez’s surprise visits mean that either you are being targeted for termination or he has an interest in you. Either way start taping all conversations with him and document in writing the date, time, place and any potential witnesses

Step 4 Called to his office

Jimenez is a smooth operator he will call you into his office for the littlest thing and try to smooth talk you. Beware.

Step 5 Invite to dinner on parent-teacher night.

Jimenez will often invite newbies out to dinner for parent-teacher night especially female teachers. Jimenez will often pay for dinner on the school credit card. At that dinner he will discuss his plans for your future at MCSM.

Step 6 Separating you from older teachers.

There are still a lot of good senior teachers at MCSM. Those teachers have been there through the Bray/AM incidents and know Jimenez’s true colors. Jimenez will tell you thing like the older teachers will use  you like a pawn to serve their agenda and that the union will not protect you. Mainly because he hand picked the UFT chapter leader Dylan Tramm. This is not true. There are others who still have clout in the union.

Step 7 Your rating

Depending on how you response to Jimenez’s kindness that is what will be reflected in your rating at the end of the year and eventual tenure.

Step 8 Jimenez will tell you don’t believe anything on this blog and don’t talk to me. Jimenez will tell you I am disgruntled and crazy.

Well it’s kind of tough to believe everything on this blog is fake especially since I back it up with docments. As for being disgruntled maybe a little because Jimenez has a job after sexually harassing two female APs and I as a taxpayer had to pay his fine while he walked away unscathed both fiscally and employment wise. As far a being crazy it maybe because I speak the truth.

Jimenez is a creature of habit. He cost the city two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for sexually harassing two female Assistant principals.

Just remember the Aesop fable of the scorpion and the frog. The scorpion asked the frog to take him across the river. The frog at first refused and told the scorpion you are going to sting me. The scorpion reply, no I won’t. Reluctantly, the frog agreed and half way across the river the scorpion stung the frog. The frog looked back and asked the scorpion why did you sting me you know you killed us both. The scorpion replied back to the frog. I know, but it’s in my nature. And as sure as I write this Jimenez will be brought up on sexual harassment charges again.


In the wrong business.


Now if Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves were NYC public school principals they would still have jobs like Manhattan Center for Science and Math principal David Jimenez and former John Bowne principal Howard Kwait.

So with that being said, here is a principal’s guide to keeping your job after sexual harassing a female or male employee.

Step 1 Lie.

In June of 2018, MCSM principal David Jimenez announced that he was no longer going to be the principal of Manhattan Center. Jimenez has his crony Dennis Hernandez make the announcement to the graduating class during graduation practice. Instead Jimenez snuck into graduation in disguise and sat in the back row. Jimenez’s plot was to keep the graduating class from protesting the sexual harassment decision that costed the tax payers  $250,000. In September of 2018 Jimenez returned to his post as principal of MCSM. Talk about lying maybe this is why during my 3020a Hearing arbitrator Lisa Brogan questioned Jimenez’s credibility.

Step 2 Target teachers who know about the sexual harassment.

In Spring of 2009, I was told about the “dildo” incident between David Jimenez and Felicia Bray by then assistant principal Dan Albetta. Albetta jokingly noted that Jimenez had “waved a dildo that he found in a health class at Bray.” In all honesty I wasn’t surprised by Jimenez’s  behavior. Once during a school fashion show he noted that, “it’s a shame girls reach their sexual peak at 18.” At a staff Christmas party in 2007 Jimenez chased a former student who had graduated in 2001. Jimenez’s  behavior was so bad that many of the staff members left because they felt uncomfortable with his actions While other staff members uncomfortable joked “The girl in the red dress had him charging like a bull.” Jimenez targeted me because I had knowledge of his sexual deviant behavior.

Step 3 Sue the DOE for not protecting you.

Howard Kwait has decided to sue the DOE to get reinstated as a principal. Now I’m guessing it tough to sexual harass female employees when you are forced to sit in a cubicle. So basically Kwait is suing because the DOE didn’t cover up his actions.

Truth is the New York City Department of Education has a double standard. If a principal sexual harasses a staff member sweep it under the rug. If a teacher questions that sexual harassment ruin their career.

It’s a matter of time



Its seems with the arrest of Harvey Weinstein the Manhattan District attorney is looking to re-open a sexual assault case from 2005. The arrest of Harvey Weinstein has many questioning the statute of limitations on these crimes. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR DAVID JIMENEZ, WELL THE DECISION OF FEDERAL COURT JUDGE DENISE COTE STATES IT PRETTY CLEARLY.

The words you are about to read were written by Denise Cote.


Unless otherwise noted, the following facts are undisputed and taken in the light most favorable to the plaintiff (Felicia Bray)….. In September 2008, Bray began working at the Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school as an interim acting assistant principal of Operation…..

During her time at the School, Bray’s supervisor was Principal Jose David Jimenez. Bray asserts that over the course of the year that followed, Jimenez SEXUALLY ASSUALTED AND HARASSED her in six incidents described below.

  • The First Instance of sexual harassment occurred on October 15, 2008. Bray and Jimenez were at the school after normal school hours to attend a School Leadership Team Meeting. After the meeting Jimenez and Bray walked to a restaurant near the school. At the restaurant Jimenez touched Bray’s hand and told her he really liked her. Bray responded that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. When they returned to the school’s parking lot, Jimenez asked Bray to reenter the school. Bray followed Jimenez to his office where Jimenez grabbed her breast from behind for two to five minutes. Bray screamed so loudly that a school custodian came to the office door. She hid inside Jimenez’s bathroom while Jimenez spoke to the custodian….

According to the website New York criminalizes a wide range of conduct constituting “sexual abuse,” which is generally defined as subjecting another person to sexual contact without the latter’s consent. New York Penal Code Section 130(3) further defines “sexual contact” to include “any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person for the purpose of gratifying sexual desire of either party,” and touching of the actor by the victim, as well as the touching of the victim by the actor, whether directly or through clothing






Who needs Carlos Danger when we have David Jimenez


About three weeks ago I was confronted by David Jimenez. Jimenez who stands an impressive 5 foot 4 inches decided that he was going to confront me over post that I attached to the FollowCSA Twitter page highlighting his sexual harassment of Felicia Bray. Jimenez is currently on the executive board of the Council of school supervisors and administrators for Manhattan high schools.

The confrontation with Jimenez occurred prior to the NY Post article highlighting his $200,000 in fines for sexual harassment. Now I wish I could say I was surprised by these fines, but I am not.

Recently, I had a conversation with a staff member who name I will not reveal. This staff member informed me that Jimenez has hired a number of young female teachers over more qualified male and older female teachers. This staff member also noted that these New teachers are afraid to be alone with Jimenez and a number of parents have requested that their daughters be given prior notice for meetings with Jimenez so that parents can attend these meetings.

The New York City Department of Education knew about Jimenez’s behavior since 2009 and chose to do nothing about it. In 2013, arbitrator Lisa Brogan questioned Jimenez’s credibility and leadership. She also noted that workplace harassment was prevalent at Manhattan Center, but yet she chose to ignore that facts and allowed Jimenez’s reign of terror to continue.

Rumor has it that Jimenez spends most of his time harassing those older teachers who knew about the Bray incident.

It’s hard to believe that Harvey Weinstein lost his business for similar allegations, that Anthony Wiener  (Carlos Danger)is in jail and Bill Cosby is heading to jail for similar sexual assault, yet David Jimenez still has a job



Front Page news, but No Justice.




The front page of the May 5th, 2018, New York Post gave this blog validity . For the past four years, I have been writing about David Jimenez, the principal at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school in East Harlem. I was a Dean at the school when I heard the “Dildo story” from former assistant principal and current principal of the  Bronx theatre school Daniel Albetta. About a week after hearing the story from Albetta, Jimenez came into the dean’s office and asked me, “Do I have your support.” Unsure what that meant I just nodded. After all reporting it would have just been labeled heresay.  Now looking back in hindsight, I now know that heresay is admissible in 3020a hearing. Needless to say that my half-hearted response to Jimenez would lead to me being targeted for workplace harassment, but that story is available on this blog.

On Sunday May 5, 2018, I reached out to Susan Edelman to congratulate her on the story. Ms. Edelman responded with “Front page, but No justice.”

At first I thought, maybe she is right Jimenez still has his job and the taxpayers are paying his fine for grabbing Ms. Bray. So Jimenez gets off scott free.

No I don’t think so. You see the pen is mighty then the sword and social media allowed the message to reach the masses. So here goes.

David Jimenez should be responsible for the $200,000 in fines he has racked up. It should be garnished from his salary every two weeks or better yet David sell your Mercedes-Benz and pay your fine.

David Jimenez should be out of a job. Harvey Weinstein lost his company for similar allegations. Billy Cosby is going to jail. Kevin Spacey lost his show and even Vince McMahon of the WWE took a hardline stance and fired one of his wrestlers when they were accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. But because Jimenez works for the New York City Department of Education he is untouchable. Really.

The DOE responsed that Jimenez has been rated effective and his graduation rate is 96%. Jimenez has been substantiated on charges of misappropriation of funds. As for the Graduation rate at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school it has always been in the high 90’s . Former Manhattan Center Principals,  Steve Askanasi and Corrine Vindal enjoyed similar graduation rates and without the drama that has followed Jimenez.

In my time at Manhattan Center, I heard about other women in the building being sexual harassed by David Jimenez. Allegedly one female employee found her car keyed after filing a complaint again Jimenez for sexual harassment. Some of these women chose to leave Manhattan Center instead of facing the wrath of Jimenez. I’m just wondering how long its going to be before current assistant principal of operation Denise Winchester comes forward with similar charges against Jimenez.

David Jimenez’s behavior of sexual and workplace harassment in well known inside the walls of Manhattan Center. Retaliatory behavior is nothing new for Jimenez. For example, in 2013 Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted that the Administration at Manhattan Center actively participated in harassing me. Ms. Brogan also questioned Jimenez’s credibility. In Bray final decision Judge Alexander Tisch noted that, “Jimenez became aware of these complaints and engaged in retaliatory conduct.”  According to Susan Edleman’s article a former assistant principal at Manhattan Center called “Jimenez mean and vindictive saying he shouldn’t be a principal.”  Jimenez’s abuse of women and employees are just the tip of the iceberg, Jimenez’s abuse of school’s finances are just as profound. Click on the links below to read about Jimenez’s substantiated charges on misuse of funds and other financial improprieties.