Student’s safety not at Manhattan Center

On April 17, 2012  Principal Jimenez sent an email to the staff explaining his reasons for closing Exit F. In the email he noted ” the decision was made in response to recent intrusions by unknown individuals into the building.” Jimenez did not activate the protocols for intruders as per the Department of Education. He risked the safety of the students to pad the numbers of incidents reported. On January 13 , 2013 Mr. Jimenez once again violated Department of Education protocols by confronting what he called an individual who was accosting our students. Instead of implementing the proper procedures he took the law into his on hands to defend his honor not the students.

During the 2009-2010 school year one male student on a daily basis would beat his girlfriend in the hallway. I perosnally suspended him  for attacking his girlfriend and using derogatory terms towards a female security agent. The student one day confronted me in room 328 when security arrived he was in the middle of a full scale meltdown. I asked Mr.Jimenez to suspend the student again and he refused. While in the Guidance office the student broke a copy machine and told Mr. Jimenez to suck his d@#$. It was at that point that Mr. Jimenez finally decided to expel the student. I assume that those words struck a nerve with Jimenez considering his feeling about sexuality.

Oddly enough, the police were never called for the attack on the girl and when i brought it up i was immediately told it was his (Jimenez) decision to call the police or not. Here is the kicker in September of 2011 another male student beat his girlfriend in the staircase the police were not called until the next day when the parents of the girl went to the 25th PCT. It seems that Principal Jimenez is more concerned with his stats then the actual safety of his students. If  Mr. Thomas was such a threat why not call the police. Unfortunately, no students ever came forward to say that Mr.Thomas harassed them and Jimenez has nothing in writing except the testimony of his co conspirators and based on this blog and i would say that they have credibility issues.

8 thoughts on “Student’s safety not at Manhattan Center

  1. I remember that kid he would pull that girl out of class on a daily basis. I remember a student one day telling me how he hit her in the stairwell because she was talking with a male student about homework.

  2. I can’t believe they referenced Sandy Hook to the likes of this incident. Then they have the audacity to say they were acting in the best interest of the safety of students?

    It would seem the only reaction to hearing a bizarre man was “accosting” or “harassing” students would be to call the police IMMEDIATELY.

    Instead they had time for several texts, phone calls, huddles, plots and plans to CONFRONT this alleged “IMMINENT AND DANGEROUS THREAT TO STUDENT SAFETY”.

    Actions and words are two very different things. The actions of that day do NOT reflect school officials hell bent on SECURING THE SAFETY of students.

    45 minutes transpire and 3 of Jimenez’s closest cronies just happen to the ones to converge on Mr. Thomas at roughly the exact same time span?

    The simple fact that these 4 men in extremely high places of power FAILED to protect their students MISERABLY in an incident that WAS NOT EVEN A THREAT TO THE STUDENTS WHATSOEVER.

    Now the next word is INCOMPETENCE.

    Had I been a school official and learned of this information my first phone call would have been to 911, and my second call would have been made to the head of school safety. My third phone call would have been to my direct supervisor, IN THAT ORDER AND DONE IMMEDIATELY.

    Instead, Mr. Albetta did the exact opposite of what the protocols are.

    He did what was best for HIMSELF and MR. JIMENEZ. Just like he HAS BEEN DOING for the last 5 years.

    If anyone needs anymore proof of these selfish and incompetent school officials than they are indeed infinitely more incompetent than they are.

    AS HEAD OF SCHOOL SECURITY MR. ALBETTA should have been asked to resign or been terminated from that position the same day…


    Well, let’s then take it a step higher…Why did the superintendent not reprimand these men for violating protocol that day?

    Who was left as interim acting principal? MR. ALBETTA! HOW CONVENIENT.

    The man who completely, and utterly failed to do his job as AP of Security is now Principal while Mr. Jimenez tends to exacerbated false claims of permanent injury?

    This really is a fantasy land.


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