The Naughty List

The Naughty List

As the staff at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school prepared to settle down for a well-deserved break away from the miserable Ebenezer Scrooge Jimenez and his crusty sidekick The Burgermiester Albetta,they were suddenly greeted with sounds that quickly drowned out their collective sounds of joy. It was the squealing pitch of the Grinch Winchester and the salesman babble of the Villainous Silas Barnaby Bradley (Mirrored after the landlord from March of the wooden soldiers). The repetitive squealing and babbling talk of these individuals had completely drained the staff of all it joy. In what seemed like a move of desperation the staff looked towards the Northern sky when suddenly a jolly old man in a bright red suit appeared. As he looked over the joyless staff, he reminded them that when they were children they were always told of Santa’s Naughty and Nice list. He assured the staff that many of them were on the nice list and that their Christmas wishes would come true.
He then looked at the Administration and said “you are all on the Naughty list.” Immediately Ebenezer Jimenez begins to pant loudly exclaiming “Hubba Hubba” ( Santa looks at him and stated “It’s not that kind of Naughty List.” Suddenly, the Burgermiester Albetta rose and looked at school security and screamed, “Take um to um ugh ugh um yaknow Du Dungeon.” ( School security refused to do his bidding. Suddenly, a screeching Grinch Winchester began to throw things, but she was immediately restrained by Ebenezer Jimenez who could be heard exclaiming Hubba Hubba as he grabbed her. Just then, the Villainous Silas Barnaby Bradley arose and stated “For I am not the villain here Santa. For I am a man of virtue and preeminence and I have given this Inferior staff dignity.” Santa looked at the crowd and said “does anyone have a napkin so I can clean my boots.” Then he turned to look at Barnaby Bradley and said, “the way you regurgitate things you should be an anorectic by now.” Suddenly out of the crowd of staff members appeared an oompa loompa with a napkin. He said, Santa am I on the nice list. “What’s your name” Santa replied. Head oompa loompa Hernandez. Santa looked at him and said, “It’s the Naughty list for you.” But But Santa “you have to understand I know how to handle the Burgermiester Albetta. “ Just agree with everything he says. Never talk back to him because ya know he’s a shark. He’s very sensitive and whatever he says goes. Just nod your head and go along with whatever he wants even if you think he’s wrong dead wrong.” ( Santa looked at oompa loompa Hernandez and said, “that why you’re on the Naughty list.”
After listening to the whining of the administration Santa pull out the Naughty List:

Bray Vs Department of Education

NY Post article from January 6 2011 Gamesmanship continues in Bergtraum- Manhattan Center Feud

Two students rescued from East River by the NYPD

Harlem teachers say principal has no principles

Manhattan Center students walkout to protest removal of a teacher.

Angry teachers jokes in scathing cartoon blog

School aide 89 banished to elevator duty

Mr. Jimenez not so great adventure

Santa looked at the Naughty list again and checked it twice. He then looked at Ebenezer Jimenez and said, “what do you have to say for yourself.” Jimenez looked at his administrators and replied “Hubba, Hubba”


7 thoughts on “The Naughty List

  1. Mr. Silvers,

    I have thoroughly read your blog and sympathize with your experiences in dealing with these wicked men who have made your path in life burdensome. Based on what I have read, especially through the hearings and the conclusions I have some soothing words for you. The men who have forsaken you and colluded to stop you from doing the work of god will pay the ultimate price. By this I am referring to their individual fates in the eyes of lord and eternal consequences they will face.

    While it seems they have gotten away with the corruption and sin believe me when I say the have not. Unfortunately, your efforts to seek justice in this life have fallen on deaf ears. This is because of the pandemic of corruption that has plagued this city for as far back as its’ creation. Your enemies believe they are good and you are evil. It is apparent this is not the case for the good do not lie. The good do not conspire. The good do not gang up on the innocent. The good do not lie under oath in the face of the lord.

    I sincerely hope someone out there realizes the wrong doing that has befell you and takes action in this lifetime to make things right. I realize you seek justice and not revenge but your enemies will try to corrupt others in making them believe the opposite.

    My faith in god and the savior has not nor will it ever waver however my faith in mankind remains questionable at best.

    Trust in the lord and understand the path to heaven is narrow and few get to walk it. I do believe you are a good man and will one day walk this path when your time comes.

    Take some solace in knowing the people who have caused you all this hardship will not get this opportunity for they will be going to hell and eternal damnation for the people they are not necessarily what they have specifically done to you.

    Those who have aided them and helped destroy your career and those of your fellow colleagues will face the same dire consequence for they are sinners.

    Life is a journey and not a destination and trust that they may think they have defeated you and your cause but their journeys will end in the destination of limbo, purgatory and ultimately hell if they do not reconcile the evil they have created in their actions.

    Their path to redemption is a long and arduous one in which they will assuredly not endeavor to take. However, should they not, know that god will have no mercy on their souls.

    Please enjoy your Christmas and believe in god almighty to guide your way.


    Soldier of Truth

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