Another anniversary

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Yesterday, marked two years since I started this blog. In those two years, Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez has targeted a number of innocent people because they have said hello to me. Just to remind everyone I started this blog based on the finding of my 3020A hearing.

One of my first post to this blog had to do with David Jimenez’s credibility. These are the exact words written by arbitrator Lisa Brogan. Ms. Brogan noted that Jimenez’s suffered “a blow to his creditbility.” this was the polite and professional way of saying Jimenez is a liar.

It seems David Jimenez has an issue with Assistant Principal Dan Albetta’s sexuality according to his testimony. if I had to draw a conclusion based on his testimony I might say YES, but let us not forget that Jimenez also has issues with alleged sexual harassment charges.
( For all new female teachers at Manhattan Center check out Bray Vs NYCDOE

The obivious question is the Leadership at Manhattan Center. Ms. Brogan noted the leadership issue in this part of my 3020A results.

Money is the other issue at Manhattan Center. Every teacher at Manhattan Center recieves 2 reams of paper a month Because as Jimenez notes the school has no money. Oddly enough, there are questionable practices when it comes to finances at Manhattan Center. Not to mention tons of per-session for one AP.


2 thoughts on “Another anniversary

  1. Lots more years to go with your blog!? Only if you blog about things other than Jimenez and his friends. They won’t be around much longer.

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