Cease and Desist


  As someone who preaches the idea of transparency in the public school system and Since I’ve started this blog I have been transparent about everything that has happened to me since I was placed in the ATR pool.

I have posted my 3020a hearing, my observations reports and anything else that I have received. Today, I am posting a cease and desist request That I have received. I have copied and pasted the document below. I have removed the lawyer’s name.  As you read the document you will noted the two things that are cited as reasons for cease and desist.

Reason 1: Disparaging his Italian Heritage. (I think someone forgot that I am also Italian. By the way I lIke wearing pinstripe suits and sweatsuits. I love the smell of Garlic frying and eat pasta every Sunday. I love Mozzarella with Balsamic vinegar and Roast peppers. and of course as in every Italian house we have a statue of St. Jude.)

REASON 2: Questoning his Intelligent  (Enough said)


  May 14, 2015


Mr. John Silvers Jr.

 Re: Daniel Albetta


Dear Mr. Silvers,


Please be advised that we have been retained to represent the interests of Daniel Albetta. It has come to our attention that you have, on repeated occasions, made untrue, defamatory statements about Mr. Albetta. Your defamatory statements involved the mocking of my clients Italian Heritage, and intelligence. Specifically, you have knowingly posted inaccurate, disparaging descriptions of Mr. Albetta on your blog; https://mcsminmywords.wordpress.com, and have used Mr. Albetta’s image without his consent. The statements and images you have portrayed on your blog serve no purpose except to injure the reputation and character of Mr. Albetta. These statements constitute slander, libel, defamation of character and tortious interference with business relations.


As such, you are hereby directed to immediately cease all defamation of Mr. Albetta. This includes removing all reference to Mr. Albetta, express or implied; verbal or visual, from https://mcsminmywords.wordpress.com, Facebook, or any other website, blog, social media, or internet portal under your control; ceasing any communication to third parties of any statements concerning Mr. Albetta that are untrue, or have a reckless disregard for the truth; and specifically ceasing any communication, express or implied, that Mr. Albetta has been accused of a crime, convicted of a crime, or engaged in criminal behavior. Mr. Albetta is an educated, respected professional in the community. He has spent years serving the community in his profession, and building a positive reputation.


If you fail to comply with this demand immediately, we will seek compensation for damages and equitable relief on behalf of Mr. Albetta for your defamatory conduct. We are prepared to pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, court costs and attorney’s fees.


If you have any questions, or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

9 thoughts on “Cease and Desist

  1. This is hilarious. Everything you posted on this blog is backed up by official documentation and all of your “opinions” about Mr. Albetta are 100% true. Does he really think he can sue you for being transparent? hahaha


    This Albetta guy has truly lost his marbles. I hope he understands that this is a generic cliche and not a reference to his testicles or his “ethnicity” because I would be shaking in my boots if he tried to SUE ME for revealing the truth!

    That document you just posted is perhaps the singular most hilarious document ever construed!

    I literally can’t stop laughing. I can’t wait for him to bring an official lawsuit to call into question all of your material on this blog because it’s going to further expose THE WHOLE UNADULTERATED TRUTH about this white collar criminal in the DOE.

    Can you imagine Albetta stuttering and stammering in front of a judge making claims that you are defaming him with the truth in a court of law?

    Or most likely he will hide behind his shiester CELLINO AND BARNES 800 888 Pathetic Personal Injurt Lawyer who might make more of an ASS of himself than Albetta would.

    That idiot already has pending perjury charges against him for harassing Mike Thomas and LYING about it in court.

    I bet the Judge would throw a cream pie in his face for even having the audacity to pursue such a moronic endeavor against you.

    Please keep this blog updated so I can let everyone at MCSM know when to show up at court to verify EVERYTHING you revealed about this crook.

    You sure won’t lack for credible witnesses and evidence! That idiot doesn’t even realize the mounds of documentation that close to a hundred people have on him that they are just sitting on waiting to expose his trifling ways like you had the courage to do.

    My appendix might burst from laughter from this! You actually did the DOE and the City of New York a HUGE public service in exposing all the crimes and shenanigans this putrid human being has committed all while pretending to be “for the children” as he poses as a legitimate principal when he’s really a barely literate, socially retarded, up-jumped gym teacher who got to where he is through manipulation, blackmail, workplace bullying and coersion!

    He really picked the wrong profession. His true calling is the fucking circus because this Albetta person is a FUCKING CLOWN.

    I’m dead serious. He needs to hang up his favorite lavender collared shirt and blue tie (Which is one of three outfits he owns) and trade it in for a goddamn Clown suit, size 20 clown shoes, a bigass RED BUBBLY nose and lease a colorfully painted smart car. This way he can drive around with Mr. Jimenez and bitchboy Hernandez and the rest of their cronies and tour around NY as the MCSM CIRCUS RODEO. In the trunk they should have green balloons so when it’s showtime they can shape them like dollar signs to illustrate how they’re ripping the city off.

    Then for their final act they can take off their clown outfits and show the horizontal black and white striped JAIL suits because there’s only one way this saga ends. WITH THEM IN JAIL, OUT OF THE DOE, and ANSWERING FOR ALL THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, LIES, CORRUPTION, SEXUAL EXPLOITS, and SCANDALS they committed while acting as public civil “servants”.

    The Clown Act won’t pay as much as ripping off the DOE but it is definitely more entertaining and less hazardous to the public than what he’s doing now.

    I mean does he really want full discovery mode and examination which will ultimately prove that he’s an incompetent drug addict, faithless husband, white collar criminal, union busting asshole, coward, creep and child abuser?

    You couldn’t write a better sequel to “My Cousin Vinny”

  2. Maybe you should let mr. Aalbertta’s lawyers see that blog Mr. Albetta put on Facebook making fun of u and other teacherzz Mr. Silvers aka My fav teacher ever <33333

  3. “Mr. Albetta is an educated, respected professional in the community. He has spent years serving the community in his profession, and building a positive reputation.”

    Translation: Mr. Albetta is a filthy, repugnant, bureaucratic scumbag who has spent years manipulating the NYC Public Education system as he was shuffled through 4 different schools in a 10 year period. He devoted his time to neglecting the well being of students while snaking his way into an AP position as he aspired to get a position that pays more than teaching and enabled him to become a workplace bully. In doing so he developed a reputation as a heartless, power hungry, incompetent piece of shit who rigs regents exams, physically and mentally abuses students and staff alike, commits fraud, perjury, and initiates frivolous investigations against hard working teachers. He also funnels school funding into his personal bank account by weaseling his way into per-session activities. He hasn’t taught a single class in 5 years. He is EMPLOYED by the field of education but isn’t actually an educator. He is the AP of a Department he has no content knowledge of so what service to the “community” is he actually doing? He is serving HIMSELF in the community of HIMSELF. He does have a positive reputation though. I have to agree. HE POSITIVELY IS AN EMBARRASSMENT to the field of education and in the expertise of civil service.

    How can a racist, prejudice drug addict who commits adultery with his colleagues and steals money from public funds actually think it was a good idea to hire a personal injury lawyer to get you to stop INFORMING THE PUBLIC about what transpires in the PUBLIC field of education.

    The cat is out of the bag Scumbetta. Everyone knows what you are. You are a MONSTER. A pathetic little boy who never grew up and takes his anger out on the people he’s jealous of. You get no respect from anybody. No love. No admiration. You inspire no one. You are not a leader of teachers. You are a cancer to society. Thank god there is only 1 of you walking around this planet. There’s no room for 2 of you. I actually heard you have a twin brother though. I hope to god that your psychotic, paranoid, belligerence towards your fellow humans isn’t an inherited genetic trait. I really hope you don’t ever have any children to pass those evil genes along too. If you do I hope it skips a generation and your children are sterile. You are the absolute lowest form of human life that can possibly exist. I don’t know how you can live with yourself. How do you look yourself in the mirror? How can you sleep at night? You have no heart, no balls and no brains. The only thing you got is a lust for power, greed, and a sadistic mentality.

    You better pray there is no hell because that’s exactly where you’re headed. Truly what kind of sicko are you? You are cruel to kids and evil in you’re dealings with adults and colleagues. Your only friend is that pathetic loser Hernandez who only stays loyal to you because of the favors you do for him. He probably doesn’t even respect you as a person, just kisses your ass because he knows you love being sucked up and protect his job.

    You’re a small man with small ideas and your pathetic professional ambitions mean nothing in the grand scheme of the world. You just don’t get it. You think you’re the good guy and a victim when you’re the exact opposite. God knows what you have to tell yourself to get through the day.

    Enjoy being AP at MCSM because you will be there forever. No one is ever going to hire you and gamble their entire school away by making you a principal. You’re a fucking moral hazard and EVERYONE KNOWS IT.

    For all the people you fucked over in the end you really only fucked yourself over. Sure you’ll enjoy your little upper middle class income but aside from that when you finally retire you’ll have no gratifying memories or sense of fulfillment or accomplishment in your old age. You will grow old, alone, and miserable because that’s what you are on the inside. You are a joyless person who enjoys making those around you miserable.

    Whatever though, do your thing. Go to work everyday, dodge your colleagues, and hide in your little office in that dismal , bleak, toxic, asbestos filled school. Keep doing your Ostrich routine because every time any of your co-workers see you they are secretly laughing at how pathetic you are.

    Go to your silly little meetings and avoid public speaking because every time you open your mouth or write a letter nothing but ignorance, lies and stupidity oozes out of you. Enjoy not being able to look anyone in the eye or shake peoples hands like a gentlemen for the rest of your days.

    You are good for nothing. No one trusts you, no one wants to be seen with you, no one wants to be around you and no one even wants to think about your sorry ass.

    Just know you haven’t changed anyone’s lives for the better in your career. All the students hate you. All your colleagues hate you. Even your principal hates you. You are merely a necessary evil for him. You have no legacy of being a professional or even being semi-professional. You are a self-glorified goon and you know it,

    You think you’re an intelligent, well respected member of the school community who’s pledged years of service positively impacting lives? Guess again.

    You’re a hater and goon. You are a crook, a thief, a liar, a scumbag. You sit in your office twiddling your thumbs collecting close to 100k a year just waiting to do weaponized observations and spy on teachers with your little fucking security camera. You write your stupid little emails and CC your whole staff the most retarded policies and ideas and you expect everyone to just go along with what you want. What’s worse is you can’t even fucking spell or use proper grammar. The simple fact that a BLITHERING idiot like you can ascend to TEACHER, let alone Assistant Principal is a fucking disgrace to humanity. You are so incompetent I wouldn’t even hire you as a school aide, janitor, custodian, or even a pizza delivery boy. Sure you cheated your way to where you are and you have your paper licenses and certificates but I bet if you had to take the new tests for Teacher or AP licensing you’d fail 100 out of 100 times. You were just in the right place at the right time and did all the wrong things to get to where you are now.

    Wear your cheap suits, attend all the PD you want, throw around educational buzzwords and keep pretending you know a thing or two about teaching buy just know everyone knows you are an empty suit.

    You don’t inspire anyone, you can’t speak in public, your ideas are truly moronic, and the only thing you’re good at it is being a sneaky, sly manipulator and snake in the grass.

    If your parents were still alive and knew what you have become they’d leave the country out of shame. If they’re passed on they rolled over in their graves more time than a fucking alligator with epilepsy.

    You are so fucking corrupt that when you die you shouldn’t even get a funeral service. They should just leave you where you die and let the maggots do the rest because any priest that has to give lip service at your funeral is gonna be forced to blurt out lie after lie after lie, much like your fucking life. No priest should ever be forced to lie for you.

    As a devout Christian I will pray for you. That said, you should pray for yourself because you have a lot of confessions to make and a lifetime of repentance if you ever hope to redeem what’s left of your sad, evil little existence.

    You don’t need a lawyer brother, You need GOD.

  4. It seems that Somebody at MCSM has read this post and has flipped their lid about it. I received the comment below on this blog. This comment to is a sample of the 55 of them that I have received with similar context.

    Big Dick
    5 hours ago
    Now I’m mad. You ain’t getting away with this you pussy

    Let’s look at this comment as a psychologist would.

    The name Big Dick shows that it was written by a middle age man with feelings of sexual inadequacy. Most likely this individual has a problem performing with members of the opposite sex.

    Using the name Big Dick shows that the individual is in a position of power,but the threat that is written in the body shows that individual has a lack of confidence when people question his authority. Many times this individual will seek the help of a more powerful individual to settle his problems.

    Using the term pussy is not sexual in nature. Instead shows the true feelings of inadequacis the writer of this comment feels. As per Sigmund Freud the individual is projecting his inner feelings on other.

  5. “The statements and images you have portrayed on your blog serve no purpose except to injure the reputation and character of Mr. Albetta.”

    Uh, no. The statements and images serve to protect current and potential employees from his erratic and often vindictive behavior.

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