Targeting Principals

2015-05-18 16.39.09

Could it be that Chancellor Farina has had enough of the “Bully Principal.” It seems that Greta Hawkins is the first of these principals to go. How far behind can Namita Dwarka and David Jimenez be? (Checkout http://www.DTOE.ORG/ANOI)

Recently, I have read a number of stories written by a number of targeted teachers. The scary part to all of these stories is that the incidents between administrators and teachers are all similar. The only different between the stories are the locations.

For example, Recently,  Two chapter leaders from two different schools have shared their stories with me. After reading them I realized one thing, These are representatives of the United Federation of Teachers and their principals had no fear of the UFT and stilled targerted. Both were satisfactory rated teachers prior to becoming chapter leaders.

The question is why does the UFT leadership refuse to protect their voice within each school buildings?

Why are principal allowed to tamper with chapter leader election by forcing their own candidate into an election?

This is a direct violation of Fair Labor and Standard practices

Most of these targeted teachers have turned to bloggers and groups that work together to protect teachers rights. Hopefully, this rag tag bunch of outcast can help the Chancellor see that Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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