Where’s Fredo?

There is a rumor going around that Manhattan Center Assistant Principal  Dan “Fredo” Albetta has vanished. Staff members were treated to the news of Albetta’s disappearance in cryptic message from El Jefe.

Speculations about Albetta’s disappearance are that.

Jimenez did not give Albetta tenure as an AP. Albetta became AP  of Security after cutting the throat of another AP who was out of the building on a day that a fire mysterious broke out in a first floor bathroom. Albetta’s rapid rise to AP of social studies, his role in the Felicia Bray issue and his attack on Me seemed to assure his rise to power and tenure. WRONG!!!!

Albetta has found the principal’s job he always wanted in Saskatchewan, Canada

Some are even speculating that Albetta joined a Buddish monastery in Tibet. In hopes of achieving higher learning and to rid himself of the scourge of Jimenez.

Personally my speculation is that Jimenez took him fishing.


David Jimenez does his best Michael Jackson imitation.

2016-06-08 16.32.49Yesterday, June 7 2016, at 7:30 am, I spotted Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez walking between East 114th  and East 115th street on Pleasant Avenue as I drove around the corner of East 114th street.

In an effort to avoid him I slowed my car to  a crawl as I noticed that the newly placed stop light was red, but unfortunately I got stuck at the light.

I watched as Jimenez walked up to a parked blue SUV and stuck his tongue out at the driver and wave his hands wildly.

Suddenly,  Jimenez noted my car he walked up to my passenger side where my son was sitting tapped on the window and began sticking out his tongue and waving wildly. My son did not open the window and flipped him off.

I drove off and parked across from the Love Cafe. When I made it to the door of the Love Cafe I heard my name I turned assuming that  I might be someone I know. It was Jimenez standing under the awning by the stairs of Manhattan Center grabbing his genitals and waving them at me (why at this point do I feel sexual harassed?),  while screaming incoherently. (Suddenly, it dawned on me that Jimenez might be channeling his inner Michael Jackson.) I walked into the Love Cafe and stood by the door watching my car because my son was sitting alone in the car and Jimenez’s behavior had me worried that it might turn physical.

As I watched through the door of the Love Cafe I saw Jimenez ranting to Mrs. Dela Rosa as she walked from East 114th st side of the building towards the front of the building.I know she saw Jimenez’s behavior and his genitals grabbing routine. I did see a look of disgust on the face of Mrs. Dela Rosa as she turned to she who is tirade was aimed towards.

Then like an obedient puppy Jimenez turned and followed Ms.Dela Rosa into the building.

I pondered Jimenez’ s action and drew the following conclusions why Jimenez was so interested in showing me his genitals.

1) In this blog I constantly remind every woman at Manhattan Center of the allegations of sexual harassment leveled by Felicia Bray. This means that many of the women at Manhattan Center must steer clear of Jimenez and since they don’t want to see his genitals he decided to show them to me.

2) Jimenez has reverted back to Childhood and the mid 1980’s when it was cool to grab your genitals because Michael Jackson did it.

3) Maybe the Viagra started working and he wanted to show it.

Either way Jimenez’s behavior was extremely unprofessional and bordering on insanity. I truly fear for my safety when he is around because of his unpredictable behavior.


Cover ups! That is truly nothing new in the DOE?

2016-06-03 12.31.06.jpghttp://nypost.com/2016/06/02/principal-accused-of-covering-up-alleged-locker-room-gang-rape/

It seems that the highly touted principal at Boys and Girls high school has taken a page from the Nixon administration. Together with his version of Ehrlichman and Haldeman they have covered up a sexual assault.

I wish I could say I was surprised that administrators had cover up an assault on a young woman in a school, but I’m not.

As a dean at Manhattan Center in 2007 to 2009, I had witnessed a male student physically assault his girlfriend on an almost daily basis. I personally suspended the student twice, but the principal David Jimenez refused to take further steps. Then in the spring of 2009 this male student walked into my classroom and attempted to physically remove his girlfriend from my room. I notified school safety who removed the male student. I notified the girl’s parents who pushed the issue with the principal. The student was suspended again. Two day after the incident, the student came into the dean’s office spun make chair around and made threatening gestures toward me. I called security. When security arrived the student went on a verbal tirade that includes racial and sexually insults toward school safety. The student was removed to the guidance office. While in the guidance office the student took a chair and broke a $6000 copy machine and told principal David Jimenez to “suck my dick.” It was at that point Jimenez requested a superintendent suspension. For nearly two years, the incidents between this male student and his girlfriend were swept under the rug.

In June of 2014, A female student had to get a restraining order against a male student for stalking her.

In 2008, Two female assistant principals were allegedly sexually harassed by Principal David Jimenez. Needless to say both incidents were swept under the rug.


The question is how many allegations do principals swept under the rug? As a dean I was always told to kept our suspension numbers low. It seems that disciplinary issues lowers the school’s environment grade on the report card.

With that being said, I wonder what is more important a grade on a piece of paper or a student that enters a school building.


You’re a professional

So this morning June 1 2016, I had an interesting interaction with Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez. It seems Jimenez is having Delusions of Grandeur. As the little dictator walks by me he said Good Morning John. Needless to say my response was less then favorable towards him. Jimenez then turned to me and said you’re a professional. I said you got that right and you’re a lying piece of shit. At that point I got in my car and drove away.

Open letter to Besty Combier

Ms. Combier, I recently read your May 9th editoral in the parent advocate. The editorial entitled CYBERSTALKER FRANCESCO PORTELOS AND HIS BLAME GAME MUST BE STOPPED. In the article you call Francesco Portelos and the Solidarity Caucus cyber-bullies.

As a member of Solidarity I took this personal considering in your editorial you attached a link to the redacted copy of my 3020a charges and decision. I have two responses to this.

1) If you wanted a copy of the unedited report for my 3020a all you needed to do was ask me. I have no problem publishing it. I believe this is called transparency.

2) I realize that you used the term cyber-bullies. I believe in my case this could be called libel considering I have never sent you any emails and I have not used your name until today on my blog.

Hypothetically,  if I was to sue you would have to prove your reason for using my name with this term. I legally could say that you we’re trying to discredited me because I am running for a position in the UFT with Solidarity Caucus.

In your editorial you talk about the blame game. And below the link of my 3020a you wrote,

“The point is, why would the NYC Department of Education want to hire ATRs who play this blame game?”

Once again this seems like it is attached to my name to discredited me.

Remember Ms.Combier there are always three sides to every story. Your side, My side and the truth.

The truth in my case is that arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted in her decision that Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez lacks credibility. Ms.Combier as a para legal or lawyer you should know that when a witnesses credibility is brought into question this establishes a reason doubt. Lisa Brogan also noted that she had serious concerns about the leadership at Manhattan Center and that the administration at Manhattan Center took an active role in harrasing me.

As for being an ATR I have been rated satisfactory for the past three years.

Your editorial is your opinion. Your opinion is that I am a bully. The description of a bully is someone who picks on a smaller individual with the hopes of imposing their will on that smaller individual.

Unfortunately, in this case I am the smaller individual as are members of the Solidarity Caucus. The DOE has imposed it will on us. They have outcasted the ATR. They have demoralized them. Ms. Combier, I am not a bully. I am just an individual who got tired of being stepped on and lied to. I am an individual who got tired of watching other teachers get bullied by principals and sit there in silence waiting for our union to help them.

I ran for office because I just got tired of watching bullies beat on others.



Call 1-800-Frankie the fixer

2016-05-15 10.02.37.jpg


In 1986, former professional wrestler Captain Lou Albano, Co-starred in a cheese ball comedy called Wise Guys. Albano played a character called Frank the Fixer Acavano, a mob enforcer who’s primary job was to help his boss out of trouble by killing two lackeys who ratted out the boss. Instead the two lackeys steal Frank’s credit cards and go on a wild sending spree. Of course after each purchase the store sales person would response with “THANK YOU MR. ACAVANO.”

Eventually, these two guys outsmart Albano’s character and while staging their own deaths to escape the mob boss end up killing Frank Acavano, but the boss lives.

So why would I quote a cheesy 1980’s movie to discuss grade fixing. Well, to be honest the cheese ball comedy is the New York City Department of Education.

It seems that former John Dewey principal Kathleen Elvin was charged with grade fixing. The evidence of grade fixing was substantiated by a DOE probe that stated “students we’re give packets to complete, but did not receive any instruction from certified teachers as required by state law.” A pretty slam dunk case if you ask me.

Instead Elvin dialed 1-800-Frank the Fixer prior to her 3020a hearing (Better known as an administrative trial.) Now remember these trials are be heard by a third party who gets paid by both the DOE and the Union. These administrative judges are the Frank the Fixers of the DOE. These are the same hearing officers who basically shake down teachers for large amounts of cash to keep their jobs even if the evidence favors the teachers.

After the charges we’re dimissed against Elvin her lawyer immediately responsed that she was a victim of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and the case was BASED ON MISREPRESENTATION AND HALF TRUTHS AND MISINFORMATION. Really, I thought to myself looking at my 3020a hearing decision in which the Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted that Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez lacked credibility. I think this is the polite way of calling him a liar. Unfortunately, a DOE administrative hearing is a Kangaroo court. I was fined $15,000 and excessed to the ATR pool. Eventhough, Jimenez’s lacked of credibility would have or should have established a reasonable doubt.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Elvin was promoted and given a raise. THANK YOU MR. ACAVANO, but why was she promoted?

It’s simple she was going to testify that the higher-ups in the DOE sanctioned her actions. This is not something new. In 2009, Manhattan Center principal testifed against on District 4 superintendent Francesca Pena and Miciales Pepin, an assistant principal at both Manhattan Center and A Phillip Randolph High School over an affair. At the time Jimenez was accused of sexual harassment by two female APs.

Needless to say those allegations magically disappeared after Jimenez testified. THANK YOU MR.ACAVANO.

The truth is the 3020a process needs to be overhauled and many of the pervious cases need to be reviewed.




Teacher Appreciation Week

2016-05-02 21.36.49Earlier today, I recieved a number of emails about Teacher Appreciation Week. One was from our esteemed Chancellor thanking teachers for doing their job. I received another email from an Assistant Principal for a May 3rd deal at Chipotle. Buy one get one free. Mmmmmph, I thought sound like a great deal for double E Coli and 10 days out sick. Perfect way to show teachers that they’re appreciated.

Then of course there is the UFT. Mulgrew and his cronies go out and spend our union dues to buy Dime Store gifts for teachers to show their appreciation for us paying for their huge executive board dinners and their outrageous salary and getting basically no support in return. Talk about a sucker’s bet.

Then of course there are the ATRs. This special group of more experienced teachers that have been set adrift in the sea that is the DOE. Of course we do not participate in Teacher Appreciation Week because we have no steady classes or students to share our expertise. Administrators shun us like we have some incurable disease. Older teachers look at us and hope to god they don’t wind up like us. Younger teachers believe we are incompetent and shun us aside. Little do they know if they’re lucky enough to get tenure then they are on the fast track to being an ATR. Then of  course there is the ATR supervisor. These individuals look at ATRs the same way vultures look at dead carcasses. Talk about being appreciated.

If the DOE really wanted to show their appreciation for teachers they would support us all year long and not just give us trinkets every May. Look at it this way according to the legend the Dutch settlers to New Amsterdam gave the Native Americans about $26 in trinkets and we know how that deal turned out.