HEY, David, I’m still popular and you’re not!

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Recently, I had stopped in the Love Cafe to get my coffee.  When I was approached by a Manhattan Center Student who asked me, ” are you Mr. Silvers?” I nodded yes and continued to give my order. This student then said, “You’re really popular amongst the students, Everyone reads your blog.” I once again politely nodded without saying a word. I thought to myself I’m still more popular then David Jimenez.

Jimenez once told a former teacher that these students won’t remember you when they leave. Interesting I thought because I am stopped by former Manhattan Center Students almost everyday. No David that line only fits in your mind.

After listening to the students comments, I decided to check my blog and to my surprise they were a my visitor numbers were up and there was a number of comments. Some of these comments were extremely vulgar and I did not post them. Most of the comments single out members of the administration at Manhattan Center. For example, one comment noted that, “they never see the principal in the hall or anywhere else to matter.” Another discussed Mr. Hernandez’s behavior and how they feel uncomfortable when he is around.  Now I know from my experiences with Mr. Hernandez this is a common theme.

One even commented about the FDR drive incident with Dan Albetta. To the author of that comment, Mr. Jimenez lied so much about that incident that the arbitrator noted his LACK OF CREDIBILITY.

Another wanted to know more about the alleged sexual harassment charges. To that author I presented the information that was set forth in a court of law. Now in my opinion I believe the victim.

Let me close in saying that I enjoyed reading your comments and I will post those comments that are well written provide a point or opinion and have no vulgarity.








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