Sex, Lies and Videotapes the SLT version.

vzm-img_20170112_204003Thanks to the New York State court of appeal School Leadership Team Meetings are now a public forum.

Recently Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School had to open their SLT to the public.

It seems at this meeting new Social Studies Assistant Principal Dennis Hernandez read off the American history Regent scores for the past three years.

In 2014 the American history Regent had a passing rate of 97 percent with 75 percent of the students score above 80 on the regents. Now many of those students had me as a history teacher in 2011 as freshmen and in 2012 as sophmore.

In 2015, the American history Regent had a passing rate of 98 percent with 75 percent achieving mastery on the exam. Now in 2012, I had many of these students as freshmen and even though I was running back and forth to my 3020a I managed to work on things like critical thinking and essay writing skills these skills are  necessary for writing a thematic essay.

In 2015, the American history passing rate on the regents plummeted to 90 percent with a 70 percent mastery rate. Interesting I thought, while a 90 percent passing rate on the regents would be acceptable in some school for the social studies teachers at Manhattan Center it is a defeat. I know the colleagues I worked with were great teachers who took pride in their passing rates.

Yet Hernandez read this score of with pride of course for Hernandez mediocrity is good. (Now I’m guessing the decline in the passing rate had something to do with Tecumseh being taught for three weeks and not being on the regents. Well maybe next year.)

I also heard Jimenez questioned the dedication of the former teachers at Manhattan Center. Jimenez announced that these former teachers cared more about the themselves then their students. Interesting considering that former students still discuss the Michael Thomas incident on East 116th and note how great of a teacher Mike Thomas was and how Jimenez faked his injuries.

The problem Jimenez had with the former teachers myself included was that Jimenez couldn’t bully us like he did the newbies. (one Newbie who was on the choppying block sold out another Newbie who had more time because they were bullied into it.)

Because Jimenez couldn’t bully us he had to try to compete with many of us on an intellectual level for Jimenez that was extremely difficult. Instead Jimenez became the Mother Goose of Manhattan Center and began telling fairy tales. Well now those fairy tales will become public knowledge. So see you at the next SLT meeting David.


One thought on “Sex, Lies and Videotapes the SLT version.

  1. The new administration and Hernandez’ arrogance are very unpleasant. The library is no longer a place i look forward to going to during my lunch.

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