I’m amazed!

I have taken a break from posting on this blog for one reason. I am currently in the Rubber Room (According to the DOE they do not exist. Trust me they do and 115 teachers that I currently know about will testify that there are rubber rooms.) My crime Using a Parking Permit for one day and not returning it. Meanwhile, I returned it the next day and signed it out again. According to the principal of Fashion HS this disrupted the educational process. So for this I am currently a member of the Rubber Room. Amazing Huh?


Yesterday, while reading the New York Post I came across the above article. It seems John Bowne high school principal Howard Kwait has been charged with sexual harassment 4 times and has cost the city a half a billion dollars. Now the amazing part to this story is he stills has a job.

Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez has also skated on sexual harassment charges twice. So I’m guessing the three strikes your out rule doesn’t apply in the New York City Department of Education.

So I’m guessing the moral of this story is it okay to abuse women in the DOE, but don’t abuse a parking permit.







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