Abandon ship


Judging from the exodus of administrators at Manhattan Center could this be the beginning of the end for David Jimenez.

Last year, Jimenez lost Brian Bradley his most articulated Assistant Principal. Bradley had all the charm and demeanor a used car salesman, but without a doubt he was the brightest of Jimenez’s assistant principals. Bradley unfortunately has found being a principal is a tough ride and is allegedly under investigation.

Recently, Jimenez has lost two Assistant Principals.

Daniel Albetta according to the DOE is currently the principal at Robert F Wagner Secondary school in Queens. The former principal of this school was Annie Schmutz Seifullah. She was removed because of her alledged sexual relationship with a parent and a assistant principal.  Interestingly played a role  in the alledged sexual harassment of Felicia Bray. Albetta was a witness for David Jimenez. Many speculate that why Albetta was promoted to Assistant Principal. Albetta was Jimenez’s “muscle” during his time at Manhattan Center. Albetta would bully students and teachers alike, but would cry victim when people stood up to him. Rumor had it that Jimenez and Albetta had a falling out over the quality review. It seems that as AP of History and English he would rate teachers in these department as developing, yet these teachers would have extraordinary high scores on the Regents. Oddly enough, Albetta was not the only Assistant Principal to abandon ship.

Yessina Dela Rosa qucikly followed Albetta out the door. Dela Rosa’s departure was expected according to some. I only found out of her departure from an email requesting information on her. Dela Rosa is an engima if she follows in the footsteps of her former AP she could be a star, but if she follows in Jimenez’s footsteps look out.

The departure of these there individuals leaves Jimenez with Denise Winchester  and Dennis Hernandez.

I’m speculating here, but I have a strong feeling that Dennis Hernandez will be at Robert F Wagner Secondary school by the end of the school year. On the other hand, nobody, but Jimenez would hire Denise Winchester.

This brings me to David Jimenez. He is infamous around the DOE. When I tell people that I taught at Manhattan Center they would usually roll their eyes and ask if the principal there is nuts. I often reply, Yeah.

It’s seems much like rats abandoning a sinking ship so are Jimenez’s  AP. Hopefully the life preservers run out and Jimenez goes down with his sinking ship.





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