I’m a Principal now. The Dan Albetta story

The mystery of Daniel Fredo Albetta has been solved.

According to the DOE and New Vision for Public Schools, Albetta is the new principal at Robert F Wagner Secondary school for the Arts and Technology.

On the opening day of school, Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez told the staff that Albetta had taken a year away from Manhattan Center and would be returning next year.

Now there are a few scenarios here

Scenario 1 : David Jimenez lied to the staff. Well this is nothing new as per my 3020a arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted that Jimenez lacked credibility.

Scenario 2: Jimenez was planning on burying Albetta because the quality review noted that the score on the History and English regents exams were extremely high, but most of the teachers in those departments were rated developing. Jimenez it seems was going to lay that off on Albetta.

Scenario 3  Albetta sold out Jimenez to SCI investigators and was rewarded with his own school. This may also explain why Jimenez has been invisible. Many of the staff members have commented that they have not seen Jimenez on a daily basis.

Either way the staff of Robert F. Wagner should be wary of their new principal. Albetta was involved in the infamous Mike Thomas incident (www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com) Albetta’s actions in this incident are well documented and can be viewed on a video that is provided on the site.

Albetta is extremely cunning when it comes to making up stories about staff members. He is well known for the gotta observation so be prepared. Albetta is a wanna be tough guy who quickly becomes the victim when confronted. This he learned from Jimenez. Also be advised to watch the student funds.

This is a prediction if Albetta make a full year at Wagner he will hire his crony Dennis Hernandez who is currently an AP at Manhattan Center.

Albetta came to Manhattan Center after being busted down from an AP to a teacher by his former principal in Brooklyn. During his time at Manhattan Center as a teacher Albetta would sit in union meetings and relay information back to the principal about union business.

His rise to AP was suspicious to say the least and he was a key witness in the alledged sexual harassment of Felicia Bray by David Jimenez.

This blog will provide you more information about Albetta and his time at Manhattan Center.



10 thoughts on “I’m a Principal now. The Dan Albetta story

  1. He is harassing teachers and most teachers despise him. He scares students and they cal him “creepy Dan”. BTW, he’s been “asking” and saying to teachers “if they know what’s important, pass seniors” He is giving free gym credits, just like the principal who got fired before him, Bruce Noble, to boost up graduation rates. This guys is the worst principal ever!

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