Where’s Fredo?

There is a rumor going around that Manhattan Center Assistant Principal  Dan “Fredo” Albetta has vanished. Staff members were treated to the news of Albetta’s disappearance in cryptic message from El Jefe.

Speculations about Albetta’s disappearance are that.

Jimenez did not give Albetta tenure as an AP. Albetta became AP  of Security after cutting the throat of another AP who was out of the building on a day that a fire mysterious broke out in a first floor bathroom. Albetta’s rapid rise to AP of social studies, his role in the Felicia Bray issue and his attack on Me seemed to assure his rise to power and tenure. WRONG!!!!

Albetta has found the principal’s job he always wanted in Saskatchewan, Canada

Some are even speculating that Albetta joined a Buddish monastery in Tibet. In hopes of achieving higher learning and to rid himself of the scourge of Jimenez.

Personally my speculation is that Jimenez took him fishing.


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