David Jimenez does his best Michael Jackson imitation.

2016-06-08 16.32.49Yesterday, June 7 2016, at 7:30 am, I spotted Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez walking between East 114th  and East 115th street on Pleasant Avenue as I drove around the corner of East 114th street.

In an effort to avoid him I slowed my car to  a crawl as I noticed that the newly placed stop light was red, but unfortunately I got stuck at the light.

I watched as Jimenez walked up to a parked blue SUV and stuck his tongue out at the driver and wave his hands wildly.

Suddenly,  Jimenez noted my car he walked up to my passenger side where my son was sitting tapped on the window and began sticking out his tongue and waving wildly. My son did not open the window and flipped him off.

I drove off and parked across from the Love Cafe. When I made it to the door of the Love Cafe I heard my name I turned assuming that  I might be someone I know. It was Jimenez standing under the awning by the stairs of Manhattan Center grabbing his genitals and waving them at me (why at this point do I feel sexual harassed?),  while screaming incoherently. (Suddenly, it dawned on me that Jimenez might be channeling his inner Michael Jackson.) I walked into the Love Cafe and stood by the door watching my car because my son was sitting alone in the car and Jimenez’s behavior had me worried that it might turn physical.

As I watched through the door of the Love Cafe I saw Jimenez ranting to Mrs. Dela Rosa as she walked from East 114th st side of the building towards the front of the building.I know she saw Jimenez’s behavior and his genitals grabbing routine. I did see a look of disgust on the face of Mrs. Dela Rosa as she turned to she who is tirade was aimed towards.

Then like an obedient puppy Jimenez turned and followed Ms.Dela Rosa into the building.

I pondered Jimenez’ s action and drew the following conclusions why Jimenez was so interested in showing me his genitals.

1) In this blog I constantly remind every woman at Manhattan Center of the allegations of sexual harassment leveled by Felicia Bray. This means that many of the women at Manhattan Center must steer clear of Jimenez and since they don’t want to see his genitals he decided to show them to me.

2) Jimenez has reverted back to Childhood and the mid 1980’s when it was cool to grab your genitals because Michael Jackson did it.

3) Maybe the Viagra started working and he wanted to show it.

Either way Jimenez’s behavior was extremely unprofessional and bordering on insanity. I truly fear for my safety when he is around because of his unpredictable behavior.



3 thoughts on “David Jimenez does his best Michael Jackson imitation.

  1. Many MCSM staff members claim that Jimenez has completely lost it. Someone must report him to protect the students. “See something, say something” does not just apply to threats of terrorism.

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