Open letter to Besty Combier

Ms. Combier, I recently read your May 9th editoral in the parent advocate. The editorial entitled CYBERSTALKER FRANCESCO PORTELOS AND HIS BLAME GAME MUST BE STOPPED. In the article you call Francesco Portelos and the Solidarity Caucus cyber-bullies.

As a member of Solidarity I took this personal considering in your editorial you attached a link to the redacted copy of my 3020a charges and decision. I have two responses to this.

1) If you wanted a copy of the unedited report for my 3020a all you needed to do was ask me. I have no problem publishing it. I believe this is called transparency.

2) I realize that you used the term cyber-bullies. I believe in my case this could be called libel considering I have never sent you any emails and I have not used your name until today on my blog.

Hypothetically,  if I was to sue you would have to prove your reason for using my name with this term. I legally could say that you we’re trying to discredited me because I am running for a position in the UFT with Solidarity Caucus.

In your editorial you talk about the blame game. And below the link of my 3020a you wrote,

“The point is, why would the NYC Department of Education want to hire ATRs who play this blame game?”

Once again this seems like it is attached to my name to discredited me.

Remember Ms.Combier there are always three sides to every story. Your side, My side and the truth.

The truth in my case is that arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted in her decision that Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez lacks credibility. Ms.Combier as a para legal or lawyer you should know that when a witnesses credibility is brought into question this establishes a reason doubt. Lisa Brogan also noted that she had serious concerns about the leadership at Manhattan Center and that the administration at Manhattan Center took an active role in harrasing me.

As for being an ATR I have been rated satisfactory for the past three years.

Your editorial is your opinion. Your opinion is that I am a bully. The description of a bully is someone who picks on a smaller individual with the hopes of imposing their will on that smaller individual.

Unfortunately, in this case I am the smaller individual as are members of the Solidarity Caucus. The DOE has imposed it will on us. They have outcasted the ATR. They have demoralized them. Ms. Combier, I am not a bully. I am just an individual who got tired of being stepped on and lied to. I am an individual who got tired of watching other teachers get bullied by principals and sit there in silence waiting for our union to help them.

I ran for office because I just got tired of watching bullies beat on others.




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