Call 1-800-Frankie the fixer

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In 1986, former professional wrestler Captain Lou Albano, Co-starred in a cheese ball comedy called Wise Guys. Albano played a character called Frank the Fixer Acavano, a mob enforcer who’s primary job was to help his boss out of trouble by killing two lackeys who ratted out the boss. Instead the two lackeys steal Frank’s credit cards and go on a wild sending spree. Of course after each purchase the store sales person would response with “THANK YOU MR. ACAVANO.”

Eventually, these two guys outsmart Albano’s character and while staging their own deaths to escape the mob boss end up killing Frank Acavano, but the boss lives.

So why would I quote a cheesy 1980’s movie to discuss grade fixing. Well, to be honest the cheese ball comedy is the New York City Department of Education.

It seems that former John Dewey principal Kathleen Elvin was charged with grade fixing. The evidence of grade fixing was substantiated by a DOE probe that stated “students we’re give packets to complete, but did not receive any instruction from certified teachers as required by state law.” A pretty slam dunk case if you ask me.

Instead Elvin dialed 1-800-Frank the Fixer prior to her 3020a hearing (Better known as an administrative trial.) Now remember these trials are be heard by a third party who gets paid by both the DOE and the Union. These administrative judges are the Frank the Fixers of the DOE. These are the same hearing officers who basically shake down teachers for large amounts of cash to keep their jobs even if the evidence favors the teachers.

After the charges we’re dimissed against Elvin her lawyer immediately responsed that she was a victim of CHARACTER ASSASSINATION and the case was BASED ON MISREPRESENTATION AND HALF TRUTHS AND MISINFORMATION. Really, I thought to myself looking at my 3020a hearing decision in which the Arbitrator Lisa Brogan noted that Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez lacked credibility. I think this is the polite way of calling him a liar. Unfortunately, a DOE administrative hearing is a Kangaroo court. I was fined $15,000 and excessed to the ATR pool. Eventhough, Jimenez’s lacked of credibility would have or should have established a reasonable doubt.

Meanwhile, Kathleen Elvin was promoted and given a raise. THANK YOU MR. ACAVANO, but why was she promoted?

It’s simple she was going to testify that the higher-ups in the DOE sanctioned her actions. This is not something new. In 2009, Manhattan Center principal testifed against on District 4 superintendent Francesca Pena and Miciales Pepin, an assistant principal at both Manhattan Center and A Phillip Randolph High School over an affair. At the time Jimenez was accused of sexual harassment by two female APs.

Needless to say those allegations magically disappeared after Jimenez testified. THANK YOU MR.ACAVANO.

The truth is the 3020a process needs to be overhauled and many of the pervious cases need to be reviewed.




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