Teacher Appreciation Week

2016-05-02 21.36.49Earlier today, I recieved a number of emails about Teacher Appreciation Week. One was from our esteemed Chancellor thanking teachers for doing their job. I received another email from an Assistant Principal for a May 3rd deal at Chipotle. Buy one get one free. Mmmmmph, I thought sound like a great deal for double E Coli and 10 days out sick. Perfect way to show teachers that they’re appreciated.

Then of course there is the UFT. Mulgrew and his cronies go out and spend our union dues to buy Dime Store gifts for teachers to show their appreciation for us paying for their huge executive board dinners and their outrageous salary and getting basically no support in return. Talk about a sucker’s bet.

Then of course there are the ATRs. This special group of more experienced teachers that have been set adrift in the sea that is the DOE. Of course we do not participate in Teacher Appreciation Week because we have no steady classes or students to share our expertise. Administrators shun us like we have some incurable disease. Older teachers look at us and hope to god they don’t wind up like us. Younger teachers believe we are incompetent and shun us aside. Little do they know if they’re lucky enough to get tenure then they are on the fast track to being an ATR. Then of  course there is the ATR supervisor. These individuals look at ATRs the same way vultures look at dead carcasses. Talk about being appreciated.

If the DOE really wanted to show their appreciation for teachers they would support us all year long and not just give us trinkets every May. Look at it this way according to the legend the Dutch settlers to New Amsterdam gave the Native Americans about $26 in trinkets and we know how that deal turned out.



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