The invisible man reappears

2015-02-26 09.34.26Yesterday, As I walked into the Love Cafe I ran into Dennis Hernandez. As I stood waiting for my order Hernandez began tapping away on his phone. I’m assuming that Hernandez was sending messages to his new BFF, David Jimenez.

Today, I as left the Love Cafe I spotted a shabby dressed individual walking my way. The individual was wearing a knitted winter cap and dingy coat. At first, I assumed it was a homeless person, but as the individual got closer I realized it was Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez.

As I watched Jimenez almost aimlessly walked down Pleasant Avenue. I wondered to myself If  the rumor that David Jimenez’s school might be heading for the chopping block was weighing heavily on his mind.

Or was it that the secret daily meetings between Bradley and Jimenez at Pasty’s has caused friction between Jimenez and Albetta. After all as rumor has Albetta is the odd man out even though, it was Albetta who saved him in the Bray incident.

Or maybe Jimenez is concerned about Bradley’s tenure at Renaissance Middle School especially with allegations of misappropriation of funds from student funds. After all it was Jimenez that trained Bradley. So I’m guessing that this is an example of the APPLE NOT FALLING FAR FROM THE TREE.

Or maybe Jimenez was concerned that another principal took the seat at the right hand of the Superintendent for district 4 and not him.

Or maybe he read my 3020a and realized how much of a smuck he sounded like. And how it was him that seem to have an issue with Albetta’s sexuality. Maybe, he finally saw those words.


” the depth of negative feelings expressed by numerous witnesses for the Respondent (Silvers)about the type of individuals they deem Jimenez and Albetta  to be, and the manner in which they run the Manhattan Center was enough to cause this Hearing Officer (Lisa Brogan)serious concerns.”

Who knows? All I do know is that from the look of Jimenez today he is at his breaking point. 

Meanwhile, in other principal news

Marcella Sills is suing the DOE to get her job back. Her argument is genius. She states that her CSA  contract doesn’t offer a specific start time. It simply states as does the UFT contract that we must complete a set number of work hours in the CSA case that 8hrs and 40 minutes and in the UFT case it 6 hrs and 20 mins. Truth be told she has a good shot at winning.

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