I found this article buried in the New York Daily News online edition. It seems another school principal has targeted female employees for harassment. As I was going through the article for some odd reason I kept hearing the old phrase from the televison show Dragnet. “The story your about to see is true the names were changed to protect the innocent.” Unfortunately, the story mirrors the actions of Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez. In both cases the women were demoted and the principal were left alone to harass more women and other employees. I find this to be an interesting concept considering the Department of Education is lead by a women.

The only different I can see between Emmanuel Polanco and David Jimenez is that Polanco likes to threaten female teacher with physical violence. Meanwhile, Jimenez is a coward who loves to play the victim.

Polanco claimed to fame is a rap video in which he has scanty clad women gyrating in front of him. Jimenez on the other hand disgusted entire staff with his pursuit of a woman at a staff christmas party.

Unlike Polanco, Jimenez’s school is still doing well because of the many great staff members still left. As for Polanco, his failing school has been threatened to close three times. I’m just wondering if both individuals have the same guardian angel.


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