Survey says you are satisfactory

20160401_135049On February 25, 2016 I was observed for the sixth time as an ATR. Once again, I was rated satisfactory.

(For those keeping tally Dan Albetta and David Jimenez U-rated me for three years in my third year as ATR I’ve been rated satisfactory by three different administrators. Well here is an open challenge to those two anytime you want to show me your pedagogy skills let me know.)

I was covering an AP American History class and the teacher had left a PowerPoint as a sub Lesson. When my supervisor walked in I was working with the students to analyze the World War I propaganda song “Over there.” Since I only had a poorly put together PowerPoint and no real lesson plan. I basically improvised the whole lesson. Luckily for me, I am a history teacher and I have extensive knowledge of my subject area. I also refused to be observed out of my license area.

For example, I was recently at Fashion HS when I was asked to cover a class. Upon arriving to the classroom I found this lesson plan attached to the desk.

20160331_141803Now if my supervisor would have walked into the room and asked me to teacher a Com Core  lesson I would have been totally lost and most likely would have recieved an unsatisfactory rating. Oddly enough this lesson was in a fashion class as they call it.

Now I was sent to Fashion HS on a provisional assignment because they needed  a social studies teacher. The school’s time keeping took it upon herself to assign other subs to the social studies classes and have me, a licensed social studies teacher wander from room to room.


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