It’s my Party


homey.500x375It seems that yesterday  (3/16/16) was Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez’s birthday.

It also seems that Denise Winchester was in charge of planning his birthday celebration. Now the last party I remember  Denise Winchester being in charge of was a retirement party for two staff members. Both of these staff members had been at Manhattan Center for 15 plus years. Needless to say, two days before the party Winchester sent a memo out to the staff to telling them that we are having a BYOB retirement party in the library. Winchester’s contribution to this party was Hawaiian Punch and Chocolate Cake, a Diabetic Dream. So the question was what would she do for David Jimenez, the only man who would hired this single mother, Bipolar AP. Immediately, Winchester grabbed the P-Card and went shopping.

On the third floor, Daniel Albetta sat in his office and pondered what should I get for El-Jefe. The man who hired me as an AP after I was exile to the ATR pool. Suddenly, it dawned on Albetta. I really don’t own him nothing considering, ” I lied for him in the Felicia Bray incident.” After all I continue to target the one teacher with tie to John Silvers. “I have protected him since I’ve gotten here.” When I was a gym teacher, “I told him which teachers were speaking up at the union meetings” and I even gave him Dennis Hernandez.

Dennis Hernandez on the other hand sat in the gym office ponder whether he should part with his first born as a gift for El-Jefe. After all he did make me the A.P of Gym and Security. But like Albetta, Hernandez began to pondered his situation. (Maybe this is because they share the same Brain). Suddenly, Hernandez realized that his A.P status was only temporary until his tenure was complete. He could wind up like Felicia Bray if he crossed Jimenez. After all he waited five years for this position. It was at that moment Hernandez realized his first born was a perfect gift.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away Brian Bradley, principal at Renaissance Middle School was deciding what he should get El-Jefe. After all it was Jimenez that gave him his first experience in the legal system with the Mike Thomas case, but this was the same man who balled him out when he said at my 3020a hearing that I improved in my lesson planning. This is also the same man that is having my name dragged through federal court on first amendment violations.  Bradley thought. Suddenly, it dawned on him that it was Jimenez who got him out of a jam after an incident with a student at Renaissance Middle School with that Bradley reached for his P-Card and went shopping.

Meanwhile, Math AP Charles Kwan sat in his office pondering about calling in sick and wondered if El-Jefe would notice.

In the science wing, AP Yessina Dela Rosa had all the science labs making extra helium for all the balloons that she was going to tie to El-Jefe’s chair in the hopes that he would float away.  She had the Physic teachers figure out the correct amount of helium need based on El-Jefe weight and size. Unlike the other APs She pondered how she would look sitting in the principal’s office.

As Jimenez sat in his office he pondered about what type of day would it be. He wondered which one of his personalites would show up today. Jimenez realized that he was like the Sybil of Manhattan Center and that he would act based on which personality would expose itself. Suddenly, it dawned on him he was El-Jefe and it was his birthday. With that in mind he called down the youngest teacher with the least tenure and began flogging them. El Jefe thought to himself it’s going to be a wonderful day unless I wind up on that blog again.








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