Is he going?


Recently, I cross paths with a staff memeber who is extremely close with Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez.

This individual asked me, “how did I know.”

My response was, “what are you talking about.”

They responsed, “that David is planning on retiring.”

I asked, “and where did you get the idea that I knew that.”

This individual said with a straight face,” you had it on your blog.”

I replied,” I also had a disclaimer.”

But not one to let an opportunity go by I began to question the witness.

It seems that AP who is not Dan Albetta might be in line for the principal job at Manhattan Center. This AP spends a lot of time with David Jimenez learning the ins and outs of being a principal.

Maybe this explains why Dan Albetta was moved up to third and given History and English to supervise. This could also be the reason why Denise Winchester was moved out of her office and down the hall.

With that being said I asked the individual, “why did they think David was leaving.”

The individual told me that they speculate it might have something to do with a number of former staff members who continously attack his character.

With those words I stood there in shock. JIMENEZ HAS CHARACTER. You mean HE’S LIKE A CHARACTER IN A CARTOON. I responsed. Then I said goodbye and walked away.

Now this maybe nothing, but a rumor. The truth is Jimenez should have been ousted at least six years ago with alleged allegations of sexual harassment, but for some odd reason the DOE swept that under the rug.




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