Where’s Waldo

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Since October Manhattan Center’s Principal David Jimenez has been missing, Wellll, not exactly missing, but more like hiding. Jimenez it seems spends more time in his office by himself then working.

Jimenez has become an apparition(that means ghost. Dan) in his own school as well as the Love Cafe. So let me speculate why Jimenez is in a self imposed exile.

(Disclaimer: the ideas below are just speculation they are not true and should not be taken as such.)

Jimenez has purchased a large paper shredder and in Kenneth Lay fashion is shredding all documents in his office.

Jimenez is running an online business for shoe lifts for the vertical challenge.

Jimenez has told so many lies that his nose has grown so big that he looks like Pinocchio.

Jimenez is a memeber of the Hair Club for men and his hair plug transplants have failed to take root and his head looks like the surface of the moon.

Jimenez is contemplating retiring and planning his own retirement party.

Jimenez is practicing to audition for a Lucky Charms commerical, but is having a hard time saying, ” They’re magically delicious.”

Jimenez popped his head out of  his office on February 2 and saw his shadow and scared himself which is why he is hiding.

Last, but not least Jimenez has lost his lucky hat and he is searching frantically online for a new one.

For his first four years at Manhattan Center the students often wondered who the principal was and how come they never saw him? Guess somethings never change.




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