According to the UFT high school news letter Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School is coming together under chapter leader David Musalik -Jimenez. Unfortunately, Janelle Hinds’ newsletter doesn’t tell the real story. It seems that the promise of free food allegedly paid for by David Musalik-Jimenez is the reason behind the full house. Now it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well looking at this picture I get the sense that the teachers at Manhattan Center do not trust their chapter leader. Many have their heads down and are obviously more interested in other things then the words of David Musalik-Jimenez. Rumors is teachers at Manhattan Center feel that Musalik is in the pocket of Jimenez and only has his best interest in mind. The irony to this story is that UFT representative Servia Silva was also in Jimenez’s pocket and would often would sweep the problems at Manhattan Center under the rug this was especially true in my case where in 2015 I was asked if I wanted to continue to step 2 of a harassment grievance that I filed with Servia against Principal David Jimenez. When I asked what the date on the Grievance was I was told June 2011. It seemed that Grievance got lost on the desk of Servia Silva. When I’m sure those Grievances will now get lost on the desk of David Musalik-Jimenez.



6 thoughts on “KUMBAYA

  1. The hardest thing to watch while surviving year upon year of the test-score abuses forced onto my low-income school was the growing silence which came to both surround and enslave my peers. The use of a punitive “testing” which then engenders a frightened employee apathy is effectively killing education.

    • NEVER step foot into the school shown above. That place is a friggin’ nightmare for good teachers. Word is the principal makes the teachers fix grades and if they don’t he dirties up their file and tries to 30-20a them, Read the rest ofthis blog

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