What if Bill Cosby worked for the DOE?

2016-01-05 18.55.14With the recent events surrounding Billy Cosby, I began questioning the alleged allegations of sexual harassment filed against Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez. The allegations of former Manhattan Center Assistant Principal  Felicia Bray and an unnamed Assistant Principal are well documented both in this blog and court documents. (In one of these cases it is alleged that the DOE settled out of court.)

I wish I could say the story ended with these two individuals, but as I travel from school to school I have heard stories from other teachers who have heard of similar allegations of sexual misconduct while David Jimenez was an Assistant Principal at Environmental High School. One female ATR who worked at Environmental said that she would avoid Jimenez at all cost. I also met a former student of Jimenez who was working as a para. She told me that she felt that Jimenez would ogle at the female students. This reminded me of one incident with Jimenez. Jimenez once stated to me that “it’s a same that females reach their sexual peak at eighteen.” I remember looking at Jimenez in disgust and walking away.

There old adage where there is smoke there’s fire seems to only exist in Hollywood.




2 thoughts on “What if Bill Cosby worked for the DOE?

  1. If he said that, he is wrong once again. Perhaps he means that women reach their peak attractiveness at 18 (debatable.). It is said that men reach their sexual peak in their teens, and women reach it much later in life. Then again, that’s what I’ve heard, as I’m still a virgin.

  2. Illegal and disgusting. Call the Chancellor and ask to speak with her. Invite all of the women he sexually harassed to form a human chain around the school. Invite reporters from NY 1, the Daily News, the Times and Chalkbeat to interview them. Since the human chain of victims will wrap around the school two or three times, do it when the parents come to get report cards.

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