Blast from the Past

It seems that former Manhattan Center PTA president Steve Koss recently visited Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez. Mr. Koss’ son left Manhattan Center nearly 7 years ago. So the question is why was Steve Koss there. Rumors are that a federal subpoena concerning Title I was served on both individuals.

I do know that while PTA president Mr. Koss changed the PTA to a PA and excluded teachers from the parent’s monthly meetings.

It is also alleged that Mr.Koss and a former Manhattan Center teacher called Eyewitness News to say that teachers at Manhattan Center refused to vote for Title I. This eventually lead to a visit by former UFT president Randi Weingarten trying to force the staff to vote for Title I by demanding a revote. Members of the staff explained to Ms.Weingarten that we did not feel comfortable with the lack of transparency for the use of those funds.

While this vote occurred prior to Jimenez’s reign of terror. We as a staff did give Jimenez access to Title I in his first year as principal. So the question once again harps back to why was Steve Koss at Manhattan Center prior to the Christmas Break.




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