Brendan Lyons

Principal Brendan Lyons is truly a piece of work. Last May, I was given an assignment at Graphics high school. The assignment was truly an eye opener. On my first day, I met a math teacher who was frantically searching for a new job. Graphics high school was on that day and currently is in the last stages of phasing out. My assumption at that moment was that this teacher was trying to prevent a tour of the ATR pool. That was until I talked with this individual.

The story began with the principal here is a piece of shit. The individual told me the principal’s name was Brendan Lyons.(The name rang a bell because he was a member of the ANOI LIST ( remember reading in the New York Post that  in 2012 Brendan Lyons gave teachers plungers to use a bathroom passes.)

As the individual continued with their story. They told me that Lyons began targeting seniors members of the Graphics high school’s staff. At the time Lyons had 3 seniors teachers up on 3020a charges and this individual and 5 other teachers believed that they would soon be brought up on bogus charges by Brendan Lyons. Needless to say that this teacher feared for their job. As the individual left the room they warned me to be careful around the dean and chapter leader because they were both in Lyon’s pocket.

A few hours later, I was visited  by two other teachers who gave me the same warning. It seemed that the dean, who was a UFT member would spy on these targeted teachers and rat them out.(Hmmmph, I thought I’ve seen this pattern before with Dennis Hernandez of Manhattan Center.) According to these targeted teachers they would then turn to the UFT rep who was placed into the position by Brendan Lyons after he had the chapter leader removed. According to these teachers the chapter leader would always side with Lyons. (Once again, I though I’ve seen this pattern before in my case my chapter leader would support me, but the district 4 rep Servia Silver would constantly side with Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez. This undermined the chapter leader.)

Realizing that these individuals had no support from the UFT I gave them the benefit of my experiences. First, I told them to tape all conversations with the administration. Second, document everything no matter how small. Finally, if you feel uncomfortable with the chapter leader’s support take in another witness to every and all meetings.

It seems these words had rattled the cage of the administration because within days of meeting with these individuals I had a surprise visit by the dean. This individual was a few inches taller than me and attempted to physically intimidated me. When that didn’t work he told “how wonderful the principal was and how useless these targeted teachers were.” After listening to him, I asked him “if he was a UFT member “he replied “Yes.” With that I reminded him that one wrong word to Lyons could stick him in the same position as those targeted teachers. Sarcastically, he said “how would you know you’re an ATR.” My response was, “I was you once.” with that I walked away. Two days later, I was reassigned to another school. I’m assuming that Lyons had a hand in that considering the usually assignment last for four weeks and I was there only a week and two days and I was moves on a Tuesday.

I wish I could say the story of Brendan Lyons ended there, but it does not, All of those teachers who assumed that they were next on Lyon’s list are currently fighting 3020a charges and those three who were under charges lasr year are currently in the ATR pool. I recently met one of those individuals. They informed me that instead of a 3020a hearing they got a deal and they are being forced to retire so that there charges will go away. They were also forced to sign an agreement saying that they would not sue for age discrimination. Oddly enough, this seems to be the pattern of the DOE and it is not the first time I hear this. One ATR AP that I meet was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement after they agreed to retire. The agreement basically stated that the individual could not talk about the principal’s action against them. In return the charges against them would vanish. The Department of Education is a government agency that should be transparent, but the reality is actions of principals like Brendan Lyons, David Jimenez and Santiago Tavares are either never investigated or swept under the rug. The question is why?



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