Guess whos coming to dinner!

2015-11-13 17.17.19

I was recently approached by a group of concerned individuals from Renaissance Middle School. This group had one question;

Why is Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez spending time at and observing classes at Renaissance Middle School?

I was a little taken back by the question and almost automatically answered that it’s an educational practice for educators to visit one another’s classroom, but then I realized that this was Jimenez and Bradley these individuals were talking about.

Jimenez, Brian Bradley, Daniel Albetta and Dennis Hernandez are currently defendants in a federal lawsuit involving the Mike Thomas incident  (

It seems Jimenez is keeping his Co-conspirators in the Mike Thomas incident close. Albetta is safely tuck away in room 354, meanwhile Dennis Hernandez was finally given the Assistant Principal job that he wanted. This leaves Bradley who has left the fold to become a principal at Renaissance Middle School. Needless to say Bradley’s tenure at Renaissance has been a little bumpy.

Jimenez has become a daily presence at Renaissance Middle School. according to the group of concerned individuals that approached me. Jimenez recently  helped Bradley out of delicate situation involving a student. Jimenez has also observed classes at Renaissance according to other. This has many people questioning why is Jimenez there?

My theory is that Jimenez realizes that Bradley could be the weak link in his up coming federal case. Albetta and Hernandez were willing participants in the city’s court case even though their stories of the situation differ drastically. Bradley on the other hand had to be subpoenaed to testify. Bradley’s story also differ from that of Albetta and Hernandez.

While at Manhattan Center Bradley was Jimenez’s mouthpiece. He would used his used car salesman suave to get Jimenez’s agenda across to the staff, but on the morning of the Mike Thomas incident Bradley went from a used car salesman to a unwilling henchman. Bradley tenure as AP at Manhattan Center was far from smooth and he seemed to be the favor target of Jimenez until that morning. In reality Bradley had no choice, but to follow along or heed the wrath of El Jefe.

Bradley is a principal now and out from under the thumb of Jimenez. Jimenez realizes this and has made it his mission to keep Bradley close. Why?

A number of theories pop to mind;

Bradley has a Doctorate Degree from Fordham and has higher ambitions in the field of education. The Mike Thomas case could damage those ambitions.

Bradley at my 3020a hearing basically stated that I was not incompetent as Jimenez charged. This showed Jimenez that Bradley could think on his own and deviate from Jimenez’s script.

Other have stated that Bradley and the Superintendent are fairly close.This could spell trouble for Jimenez.Or might there be another Pena/Pepin scenario in the DOE’s future only time will tell.


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