It seems that Brian Bradley, principal at Renaissance Middle School  is in some hot water over a cover up of an incident involving a student. (Because of the sensitivity of the incident I will not go into details). Instead of contacting the proper authorities Bradley called his mentor David Jimenez to cover up the incident. It’s seems that Jimenez is the H.R. Haldeman of the Department of Education. (Sorry David I realize your knowledge of history is limited Haldeman was involved in the cover up during the Watergate scandal. )

Bradley’s bad behavior at this school seems to mirror that of his mentor. Who was well-known for covering up incidents and allegedly harrasing female employees. It seems a number of female teachers at Bradley’s school have left because Bradley allegedly harassment them.

Jimenez it seems is also covertly meeting with Bradley during after school hours. It is alleged that Bradley and Jimenez had one of these covert meeting at Manhattan Center between 7:30 and 8:30pm last week.

Meanwhile, Back at Manhattan Center Daniel Albetta seems to be the odd man out. Albetta is currently the Assistant principal of History and English. These are two subjects that this man is totally unqualified to observe. This is especially the case in history where Albetta is currently a defendant in a federal first amendment case.

Rumor is Albetta has become a recluse and is very rarely seen with Jimenez. Albetta has been seeking a principal job, but has been turned down a number of times. This is unfortunate for the staff at Manhattan Center, but have no fear Dan I hear Bradley needs an Assistant Principal at his school.


3 thoughts on “Renaissancegate

  1. Call 311 and report it, call the Chancellor’s office and report it, call SCI and report it and get a control number, call OSI and report it and get a control number, call ACS and report it and get a control number. When you have each of the control numbers, contact the Chancellor and The President of the United Federation of Teachers and request a meeting with the PTA of renaissance Middle School. Do not accept child abuse.

  2. Bradley and Jimenez sexually harass their staff. Every woman they have sexually harassed should make an appointment with the Chancellor and ask her what her policy is. Ask the Chancellor if she has zero tolerance for principals who threaten their teachers with termination if they do not do what they want.

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