On Friday the Dominican American National Roundtable held its annual conference  at City College.( Led by former NYC schools superintendent Francesca Pena, the conference was designed to allow educators to network with various individuals throughout many fields of endeavors. One of the guest in attendance at the roundtable was Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez.

Jimenez’s attendance at the roundtable was puzzling considering that Jimenez testified against Pena in 2010. At one time both were members of the Association of Dominican-American Supervisors and Administrators (ADASA) and seemed to be friends  prior to the 2010 hearing in which Pena had lost her job as Manhattan schools superintendent.

Below is part of Jimenez’s testimony.

SCI investigators met with Principal Jimenez who confirmed that, beginning with
the 2008-2009 school year, Pepin was assigned to his school three days a week. Jimenez
said that, on many occasions, Pepin told him that he hated Principal Rubio. Jimenez
added that, one day in early November 2009, he and Pepin were out of the school
building having lunch when Pepin showed Jimenez an e-mail message on Pepin’s laptop
computer which was addressed to Rubio and discussed the extension of Rubio’s
probation. Pepin did not explain how he was able to access Rubio’s e-mail, but he
appeared to be very pleased. Jimenez reported that, on several occasions, Pepin
commented that “when people mess with technology people, those people will get what
they deserve.”

2 These messages were in Spanish.

That same day in November 2009, Pepin said that he was going to do something
to get Rubio fired, but that it may get Pepin and “higher ups” in the DOE in trouble.
According to Jimenez, Pepin then read a document, composed in Spanish, which
described a love triangle involving Rubio, Pepin, and Pena. Pepin advised Jimenez that
he had sent the document by e-mail, but did not say to whom he had sent it. Jimenez
informed investigators that he chastised Pepin for speaking ill of Rubio and, from that
point on, his relationship with Pepin took a turn for the worse.

The truth is Jimenez turned on the same person who saved him a few years earlier in the Felicia Bray case. It was rumored that after he testified against Pena Jimenez stated, “I never liked her anyway.” It is this sentiment that makes one wonder why Jimenez attendance an event chaired by someone he despises?

Theory is that Jimenez figured with Pena out of the way he was a shoe-in for the Manhattan Superintendent spot that was vacated by her. Unfortunately, for the staff at Manhattan Center the upper echelon of the Department of Education saw Jimenez for what he really is; a backstabbing, vindictive individual who plays the victim role at every chance he gets.

With a friend like David Jimenez who needs enemies.

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