I always wondered what paranoia looked like. Two weeks ago Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez gave me a first hand look at what paranoia looks like.

I ran into a couple of former students in the Love Cafe. These students are currently seniors at Manhattan Center. Jimenez happened to be in the Love Cafe when these students walked in. The jovial greeting I recieved from these students made me realize why I chose teaching as a career. (Jimenez once told Evan Decruz that these students will forget you tomorrow. Sorry David students only seem to forget you.) As I spoke with these students Jimenez’s eyes looked like dinner plates. He strained to hear the conversation. (Hey David, the conversation was about which colleges the kids were choosing and if they needed a recommendation.) Once Jimenez’s order was done he exited the Love Cafe and stood on the street pacing back and forth like a squirrel in a cage. When I look out of the door at my car Jimenez was standing in the middle of the street. When I walked back to the counter to pick up my order Jimenez was peering the front door like a peeping Tom staring at a woman undressing. As I moved closer to the door I gave my former students high fives and reminded them about recommendations. When I walked out the door Jimenez was once again pacing nervously on Pleasant Avenue. As I drove away I wondered if he was going to target these kids the same way he targets my peers who talk with me.


One thought on “PARANOIA

  1. This post has Jimenez flipping his lid. He questioned the students about your conversation with them. I love it not only does the staff know he’s nuts now the kids know it too

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