Things that make you go hmmmppph


A female Southampton Assistant Principal was reassigned because she had a cameo in a raunchy  rap video.

Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez had two allegations of sexual harassment filed against him and he was given an award by the Association of Dominican- American Supervisors and Administrators.

Things that make you go hmmmppp!

2 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmmmppph

  1. Not a surprise considering how much time he has spent monitoring the cameras and watching every move that everyone makes which is lillegal. Only mistake that Jose Jimemez made was including his Assistant Principals in the spying. Mistake number one- include the AP whose girlfriend he propositioned. Mistake number two, include the girlfriend that he —— and send her to ——- to cover up on the —- transaction. Mistake number three – that the speech to the staff would intimidate them. Mistake number four – that the Assistant Principals are are all too “stupid” to report him. Nobody is that stupid.

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