Charlie McCarthy

it seems David Musalik the new UFT chapter leader at Manhattan Center  is a master negotiator according to himself. It seems being Jimenez’s version of Charlie McCarthy has allowed him to have changes made that other chapter leaders couldn’t. It seems that the security issue that plagued Manhattan Center has magically disappeared once Musalik became chapter leader. Teachers now are able to used the parking lot entrance to enter the building instead of going through the cafeteria. Kudos to you David Jimenez for getting Musalik elected by threatening every new teacher in the building. It must be really tough to be principal and UFT chapter leader at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Charlie McCarthy

  1. Don’t blame Musalik. He is being blackmailed by the principal. If he doesn’t do the bidding of Jimenez, he will be fired. Jimenez threatens everyone. Musalik cried in the bathroom the day Jimenez told him he had to run for chapter leader. Hernandez tape-recorded every union meeting and plays it back for Jimenez. Now Musalik tape-records anything the teachers say and plays it for Jimenez. David and David. Father and his boy.

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