Six more weeks of El Jefe

This morning as I left the Love Cafe I saw Daniel Albetta walking back into Manhattan Center. As usually Albetta walked with his head down as members of the staff said hello to me. A few minutes after Mr. NO SELF-ESTEEM entered the building out popped El Jefe, David Jimenez.

Jimenez walked out of Manhattan Center with more security then the Pope. Now this is a man who once told me that he was tougher then me. Now realize Jimenez  is the same individual who targets people who talk to me. Hey David, I walk into the Love Cafe every morning. How about growing a pair of balls and step to me and stop targeting innocent people (And yes you can bring Albetta, Hernandez and Bradley if they’re willing to lose their jobs for you)

I have one question to these two individuals;

Why do you fear me so much if you did the right thing?

Or is it that the truth that I’ve written in this blog too much for you to handle.

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