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It seems that David Jimenez, principal at Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School has taken a page out of the Rafael Trujillo’s playbook. It has been brought to my attention that Principal Jimenez has given certain members of the English Department an classroom in basement. Some people liken this classroom to an asbestos filled closet. Much like Trujillo, Jimenez has placed one of his trusty associated Dennis Hernandez within basement to spy on these members of the English Department. Jimenez also exiled the assistant principal of special education because she wouldn’t “Kiss his Butt.” As a few people noted. Oddly enough, Jimenez did hire a number of teaching fellows. Now I’m only assuming here, but after a few years Jimenez will try to discontinue them and ruin their careers. Strangely, Jimenez has divided the school into three areas the third floor is under close watch of his pit bull Daniel Albetta. Albetta is well known for targeting teachers and was the ring leader in the Mike Thomas incident. Dennis Hernandez is spying on the basement crew and there is no help from the chapter leader who is under the control of Davis Jimenez. Finally, if you are reading this post I can guarantee that it is not at Manhattan Center because Jimenez had the IT person block all access to any blogs and certain keywords. Teachers have complained that they cannot get access to document pertaining to free speech and the constitution. In his own sick way Jimenez has turned Manhattan Center into a textbook example of a communist run nation.

6 thoughts on “EL JEFE STRIKES AGAIN

  1. Jimenez appears to be rewarding and punishing teachers based on how he thinks they voted in the election for chapter leader. All those who didn’t vote “Jimenez” will suffer the consequences. The administration should spend less time at Applebee’s plotting revenge and more time thinking about what’s best for the students (those people who clog up the hallways every 40 minutes or so).

  2. Jimenez has ruined many new teachers, either by discontinuing those who oppose his “students last” policies or by forcing those he retains to sacrifice their principles to remain employed. New teachers enter the profession with a desire to educate, only to learn through cabinet meetings that everything is about power, children be damned. What is truly disheartening is to see teachers, who once stood up for what is right, scurry for front row seats in faculty meetings to kiss up to a smiling Jimenez. The DOE and the UFT are to blame: the DOE for recruiting incompetent, tyrannical principals like Jimenez, and the UFT for doing too little to get rid of them. Nonetheless, I have two words for you, David. Tick, tock.

    • Teachers who are given terrible office space in retaliation for their actions should file a grievance with the chapter leader. Oh, wait a minute… I forgot the chapter leader was Musialik. When is he going to be recalled? What is taking so long?

      I agree with Brian’s last observation. The clock is ticking for Jimenez. If we got rid of nazism and fascism, we can get rid of Jimenezism.

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