Insanity breds insanity

It seems that the staff at Manhattan Center is in for a long year. Daniel Albetta moved his office up to the third floor. I’m assuming now there were no principal jobs open for him. Oddly enough, does this move signal a break in the Jimenez /Albetta alliance. Albetta is now the AP of History and English. Boy that’s a joke considering Albetta can barely write a complete sentence and has no knowledge of history. His boy  (and no David this is not a sexual term) Dennis Hernandez is now AP of Security and Gym. Really this is the same guy who admitted that he rooted for other coaches to lose. As far as security it might as well be an open door policy at Manhattan Center. Add the fact that the principal admitted at the end of the year party that his boy won the chapter leader job. All I can say to my former colleagues is that the state laws allow you to record all conversations that you engage in. So buy a tape record or get a recording app on your phone and prepare for a long year


3 thoughts on “Insanity breds insanity

  1. I cannot believe that another school in the DOE could have an administration which is as morally bankrupt and incompetent as MCSM’s. However, from what I hear, the administrations at many other schools are just as bad. The appointment of Hernandez as an assistant principal sounds the death knell for education in the DOE

  2. Isn’t Hernandez the same guy who called a black kid Trayvon Martin and stalked a female student so badly that she transferred out? I guess that’s the type of behavior that gets you promoted to AP of Security in the DOE!

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