Say it Ain’t so Seripco.

During the Knapp commission hearing on police corruption in New York City. Police officer Frank Seripco spoke the words below.

A policeman’s first obligation is to be responsible to the needs of the community he serves…The problem is that the atmosphere does not yet exist in which an honest police officer can act without fear of ridicule or reprisal from fellow officers. We create an atmosphere in which the honest officer fears the dishonest officer, and not the other way around.

The irony to these words are that the same hold true in New York City Public School system. Educators (teachers or administrators) who step forward to report corruption are almost immediately targeted.

Since the beginning of July the New York Post had published a number of articles discussing both cheating and grading scandals within the New York City Public School system.

Today Chancellor Carmen Farina established a “task force” to check up on the allegations of cheating. Most of the people are this task force are friends or owe something to Chancellor Farina. The question is simple can an agency like the Department of Education police itself?

The answer is most likely not. As someone who has been through a 3020a hearing I have seen first hand the corruption that exist with the Department of Education. For example, the Arbitrator in my hearing questioned the credibility of my principal David Jimenez and the Assistant principal Daniel Albetta. In a normal court case this lack of credibility would have casted a reasonable doubt on the charges against me. It the kangaroo court of the Department of Education I was guilty before I even had my hearing.

The truth is that a outside investigator much look into the recent scandals.

Education is a public service that should help our society move forward. Our students are entitled to an education that is going to make them life long learners. Our students are not entitled to a free ride. If they fail we must find ways to make them lifelong learners. We must also support our teachers instead of beating them down.


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