The rumor out of Manhattan Center is that principal David Jimenez has retaliated against the history department for my last post and questioning  the validity of the chapter election. I recently ran into a former colleague of Jimenez who said “Jimenez is a hothead.” Well David you’re picking on the wrong bunch of people. No one from the history department gave me anything. In actually I keep my distance from them because you often retaliatie against them if they are seen talking with me. You’re like a kid in kindergarten who doesnt want to be friends with someone because they took your toy. I have two words for you Grow Up and I’m not referring to your height. A little less then a month ago you spoke a complete sentence to me after I returned your IPad that you left in the Love Cafe. Your words give validity to the blog. ” An honor man I like that.” You’re absolutely right.


2 thoughts on “Retaliation

  1. “Jimenez is a hothead” must be the greatest understatement of all time! He is a paranoid sociopath. He should thank you for posting this blog. It’s in his nature to think that someone is trying to get him, and, as long as your blog is up, he’s right! I thoroughly enjoy watching him go crazy when you and others push his buttons! He is like an angry energizer bunny.

    On a different note, are congratulations in order for Albetta and Hernandez?

  2. Just wishing everyone
    In the DOE,
    Mostly teachers,
    English and the like, but
    Not only teachers, an
    Excellent and
    Zesty summer.

    Should be

    A great time.

    Blessed are we for an
    Unusually long
    Time (74 days
    To rest and relax.)

    Please use the time wisely.
    Let yourself enjoy good times!
    Unhappiness has no part in it.
    Good luck and Godspeed!

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