Manhattan Center chapter leader election rigged?

During the last chapter leader election at Manhattan Center David Jimenez attempted to rig it by running Dennis Hernandez as a candidate. Luckily cool heads prevailed and Bob McCue was elected chapter leader.

Two weeks ago, David Musalik was elected chapter leader. Last week someone mailed me a copy of the letter David Musalik placed in the mailboxes of teachers.

The letter was titled.

For a more supportive union

This is my 8th year at Manhattan Center and I have always lived by the motto speak less and observe more. (Well here is what I observed your co-teaching and covering Bradley’s ass put you in favor of the administration. I am also sure that on more then one occasion you sold me out.) Over the years I’ve been surprised at the dynamic of how certain teachers view their colleagues. (Now I’m wondering which teachers you are talking about.) Why do teachers who have been at Center for 8 years or less so often viewed as sellouts (This is Jimenez talking because there have been a number of untenured teachers during your time at Manhattan Center that have been screwed by Jimenez. Really think about and why your are still there.) Actually we greatly respect veteran teachers who poured their blood, sweat and tears into the inner school system for decades and fought to get better pay over the years that newbies now enjoy. ( Let me break your heart and place a bit of realism on you. You are no longer a newbie you have tenure. Let’s see how you react when Jimenez discontinues one of the newbies next year and you have to fight for them.) However the new generation came into the workforce during the Great Recession, with 100gs plus student loan debt and get labeled sellouts for not wanting to bite the hand that feeds you.  This makes no sense (First, Excellent grammar this must have been written by Albetta. Second, you are not paid by Jimenez, but the New York City Department of Education and since you are a tenure teacher if you are excessed you will still be paid by the New York City Department of Education. As for your 100 grand in students loans I have them too So what is your point.) Young and Veterans alike want to own homes and support or start a family, so we are dedicated to work. ( Curiosity Young and Veterans. who is the subject?) We stay late at work, offering tutoring, sponsoring clubs and collaborating with the administration.  (According to you are paid handsomely for your after school work. I find the term collaborating with the administration very interesting considering you were very rarely seen at union meetings.) We don’t get embroiled in old grudges or hidden agendas or worse yet become casualties of them. (Okay let me enlighten you Jimenez is a liar according to the Arbitrator in my hearing. There are no hidden agendas except protecting teachers against vindictive principals. While you are sitting in Jimenez’s office collaborating against your peers. I’m watching new teachers being stressed to death by a system that wants them to work for no more then five years.) We want to know about TDA, earning our plus thirty in the fastest least costly way, deferred compensation,  457 and so much more we expect our chapter leader to provide us information about. (I thought Bob did a pretty good job giving us that info.) Moreover if I win this election, I will dedicate this summer to expanding my knowledge of the contract and attending training sessions  to learn how to better serve our memebers. According to http://www.uft.organization under responsibilities of a chapter leader #23 states protecting the confidentiality of all members.” And I take this very seriously. (This sounds like a Freudian slip. Is it because you’re constantly collaborating with the administration give your  peers the wrong idea.) My job is to support our members in every aspect of our contract.

Vote Musalik-Tramm on Friday

Funny thing is Jimenez was overjoyed by your election. He announced it at the top of his lungs in the Love Cafe.

Once again I congratulate David Musalik on his victory. My only words to you are this You have more than 8 years, your earning above 70 grand, and your moving up in the age department. You’re also dancing with the Devil one slip and you’ll be targeted and wind up in the ATR pool. Remember Jimenez’s other friends Pepin. Pena and Rubio


19 thoughts on “Manhattan Center chapter leader election rigged?

  1. Jimenez succeeds by creating distrust, and Musialik’s election as UFT Chapter Leader was his crowning achievement. Musialik may describe his actions as “collaborating with the administration,” but “conspiring” is more accurate. Notwithstanding Musialik’s claim that he will protect the confidentiality of all members, only a fool would go to Musialik with a complaint about the school’s administration.

  2. Musialik is an idiot. He enjoys the benefits won by teachers who came before him, but refuses to stand up for what is right because he might lose those benefits. And then the genius wonders why he is viewed as a sellout! The “old grudges and hidden agendas” of veteran teachers involved–and continue to involve–what is best for students, whether it is a fight for fair evaluations or funding of mandatory programs. Musialik should quit counting his per session money and grow a pair.

  3. Musialik’s a scumbag. He dogged me out and tried to fuck half the attractive female staff members. He fits right in with the administration. He sold out Mr. Silvers and other colleagues he knew were at odds with the super paranoid Mr. Albetta. Musialik is a total pussy. He was scared to stand up for his colleagues to save his own ass. Instead he made up lies to curry favor with the administration. No one could be worse as a chapter leader.

    That POS didn’t even attend Chapter Meetings on a regular basis, now he’s going to run them?

    How low can MCSM go? The Sky’s the limit!

  4. Musalik only got elected because some teachers did not believe that the vote was anonymous. It’s scary to write your name on an envelope and enclose a ballot that could jeopardize your right to teach in the DOE forever. Even with an envelope inside of an envelope, the possibility exists that a vote could be connected to a specific person. A better process has to be used when voting for Musalik’s recall in January, 2016!

  5. Jimenez is the idiot! Teachers won’t feel comfortable going to Musialik and will go directly to Servia Silva. In addition, getting rid of McCue as chapter leader will only allow McCue to be more aggressive since he is no longer constrained by his position. Jimenez would have been better off by maintaining the status quo. He tried to have it all and now will lose everything. Good riddance.

  6. Dylan,

    Based on your comments, if in fact they are true your current chapter leader still has time to grieve this election. It appears that UFT and NYCDOE protocols regarding Chapter Leader Elections was not followed in accordance with the current collective bargaining agreement.

    These elections are supposed to be unadulterated and anonymous. The fact that the ballots had teacher identification information on them is a illegal and a conflict of interest. I recently learned that the final vote tally was 41-39 in favor of Mr. Musalik. If even 2 teachers voted the way the principal wanted out of fear of retaliation because the vote was not anonymous the outcome was influenced by the administration.

    This is a clear violation of standard operating procedure. The fact that the votes are supposed to be anonymous ensures that teachers can vote without fear of retaliation from their administration.

    To put it plainly, if the votes were tagged with teacher identification items it nullifies and compromises the outcome in favor of the Principal who has a reputation of union busting.

    If your school does not grieve this election and demand a unanimous re-vote it is essentially like letting the inmates run the asylum.

    If Mr. Musalik was truly a pro-UFT candidate he should temporarily step down from the position and allow an anonymous election to take place. That should be his first official action as current chapter leader. The school year is not over and officially your previous chapter leader can initiate this grievance process.

    If what you said is true the Principal, or parties involved in adding identification items to the teacher ballots should be investigated by the appropriate agencies like OSI, SCI, OEO, and the chancellor should be notified immediately.

    This is an egregious act that is counter productive for the school community and an embarrassment to the NYCDOE in general.

    Another thing to consider is if the teachers were identified on their ballots the Principal is well aware of who the teachers were who voted against Musalik who was obviously his preferred candidate thus making them future targets for the foreseeable future. Principal Jimenez was elated when he found out Musalik won the election. This reaction is an indicator that he had a vested interest in the outcome of this election. As a member of the CSA the UFT Chapter Leader election has absolutely nothing to do with the administration.

    Technically, he is not supposed to be involved in the process directly or indirectly and he should certainly not be emotionally affected by the outcome.

    Principal Jimenez has a long track record of conspiring against the union. He has stated on numerous occasions that he thinks the union should be abolished. If he is happy about the new chapter leader that bodes very pioorly for the staff at his school.

    Essentially, it is open season on all teachers next year if this fishy election stands.

    I highly recommend you and your staff look into this matter and try to resolve it to ensure a brighter future for your colleagues.

    Principals are community leaders and public servants. It seems that Principal Jimenez is only interested in school politics to basically serve himself going forward.

    Best of luck.

    • I believe the balloting was conducted properly, but teachers (especially new teachers who were not familiar with the procedures used) may not have believed that anonymity was maintained by placing an unsigned envelope containing the ballot inside a signed envelope. And it certainly didn’t help that Hernandez was the head of the Election Committee! That said, the vote should be contested. It’s enough that Jimenez was lurking around the voting area telling teachers to “Vote for Jimenez!” His message was clear, even though he did not include the words “or else.”

      • Dylan,

        Can you please explain exactly how the balloting was conducted. Answer Yes or No to the following:

        Were any of these envelopes tagged or marked in anyway shape or form that would indicate a teacher’s identity?

        Also, Why was Mr. Hernandez conducting the balloting process? He is not part of Mr. McCue’s UFT Coordination team. He is a coordinator of student events and a gym teacher. Who decided that he run the ballots? It is very possible that he kept tabs on who voted for who which would compromise the integrity of the election Mr. Hernandez, a known crony, was most likely spying on teachers as they cast their votes and kept a mental record of it and reported back to Jimenez. Most likely, he was the one who convinced Musialik to run in the first place after Mr. Hernandez embarrassed himself with his antics when he ran for the position many years ago.

        Can you please describe the entire voting process in detail as it is important to discern as whether or not this vote was properly conducted.

      • Also,

        Mr. Hernandez secretly recorded UFT chapter meetings and divulged their contents to Mr. Jimenez. He also text messaged the contents of the meeting directly to Jimenez during the meetings.

        Mr. Hernandez, prior to running for chapter leader did not attend 80% of the chapter meetings. He frequently claimed they were a waste of time. Why would he be in charge of collecting the ballots?

        That should be grieved immediately.

  7. Denise,

    As an active member of the UFT Solidarity Caucus I would not recommend any teacher to go directly to Servia Silva. While she maintains the appearance of professionalism she has very close ties to Principal Jimenez and has his best interest at heart. According to some of your colleagues Servia has actually done more harm than good since she was called upon to act upon behalf of the UFT at MCSM.

    She is part of the bigger problem which involves compromised individuals in UFT leadership positions (including Mulgrew) who have conflicts of interest between those they are empowered to support and the principals who they indirectly support.

    My advice to the MCSM staff is to compile a list of well accomplished DOE lawyers and keep them on retainer for the upcoming corruption that is bound to take plac in the next school year.

    Also, DTOE is another great organization that represents teachers who have corrupt CSA members causing havoc in their schools.

    The other options for the MCSM teachers are to bring their grievances and complaints directly to the chancellor since Jimenez is protected by OSI, SCI, and OEO.

    If you do your research on the Cabal of corrupt principals conventional means do not effect positive change. Especially in the case of Principal Jimenez who has violated numerous laws in the DOE such as embezzlement, perjury, fraud, grade fixing, sexual harassment, union busting, frivolous investigations, trumped up 30-20a charges, academic compliance issues, lying under oath at DOE hearings, collusion, conspiracy, mismanagement of the budget, illegal excessing, and various others.

    The fact he still remains a principal can only intimate that he is being protected by a higher network of corrupt individuals at the city or state level.

    Principals have been removed or demoted for much much less.

    I do agree that Mr. McCue will have more leverage to truly speak his mind now but it’s too much to ask him to combat the chapter leader and the principal while realistically representing targeted teachers while teaching 5 classes per day. While he is an amazing individual with the best interest of students and staff alike, he is only human.

    One other possibility is for the union to request a new district representative other than Servia after doing a thorough background check on them to ensure they don’t get another conflict of interest UFT crony like Servia again.

    Think about it. What positive change has Servia ever enacted in her 5 years at MCSM? Absolutely none. It is all by design.

    Their are larger forces at play here protecting Principal Jimenez. He is either connected with some untouchable political members on the state or federal level or his scandals are so egregious that the DOE can’t afford to reveal just how corrupt he truly is.

    It’s probably a combination of both. Sadly, there are a lot more Jimenez-like principals in the system than you would think.

    An educational renaissance and major reform to the CSA needs to be put it into action as the networks have failed the UFT in the last 15 years time and time again.

    The principals have far too much power over personnel and the superintendents and networks have far too much control over them.

    The reality of the current state of the DOE is the city is trying to make teaching a job rather than a career so they don;t have to pay out pensions and health benefits long term, thus saving the city close to billions of dollars over a 50 year span.

    It is truly shameful because they dare not try this with other unions like the NYPD, FDNY or Sanitation.

    Ironically, if it werent for teachers those other unions would be compromised of complete morons (Inset Joke Here).

    There is a huge conspiracy to bastardize and undermine the entire American educational process and Jimenez is an agent of this. The higher up the ladder you go the more these politicians appreciate all the dirty work Jimenez is doing while teachers are treated like 3rd class citizens and their rights are trampled on daily.

  8. Bryan,

    Each ballot was placed in a sealed envelope. The envelope with the ballot was then placed in another envelope that was sealed and signed by the voter. When the ballots were counted, the signed envelopes were only used to ensure that each teacher only voted once. The unopened envelopes with the ballots were collected and then opened to tally the votes. The procedure should ensure anonymity, although persons unfamiliar with the procedure may not think so.

    From what I heard, the ballots were counted correctly. I don’t know if Hernandez participated in counting the votes, but he was actively encouraging certain teachers to vote (undoubtedly those most likely to vote for Musalik). McCue, as a candidate, could not be involved in conducting the vote.

  9. John,
    It’s seems your post has upset David Musalik and Jimenez. While I will not give my name I will tell you that I sent you Musalik letter. I knew that you would response and hopefully document it as you have done with every incident between you and the administration. This school is in a constant state of disarray. By voting in Musalik we have basically condemned ourselves. His relationship with Jimenez is runs deep. You are absolutely right when you states that Jimenez going to target some of the veteran teachers. I have heard stories that anyone who talks with you is usually targeted by Jimenez and will usually be observed within days of talking with you. Once again I thank you for publishing the letter
    I know it might not change anything, but it does show that Jimenez’s behavior is a pattern that never changes.

  10. To UFT Solidarity,

    I am aware of the conspiracy theories. Contacting OSI, SCI, or OEO is a waste of time. Contacting Farina is also a waste of time. She may not be as malevolent as Klein or Walcott, but she is clueless by choice and is therefore useless. Attorneys are expensive, and lawsuits cannot be filed until administrative remedies are exhausted..

    So a teacher seeking protection must go to the UFT, and Servia is, by far, a much better option than Musialik. A teacher with concerns about Servia should document everything and file a complaint with PERB if Servia does not provide adequate representation. However, the last thing Servia wants is numerous complaints about MCSM, and my guess is that she will do whatever she can to make them stop.

    Most importantly, targeted teachers must take action. Jimenez is a school-level terrorist. If you see something, say something.

  11. Musialik doesn’t have to dedicate this summer to learning how to better serve MCSM’s chapter! All he has to do is admit that he is Jimenez’s stooge and resign his position as chapter leader. Nothing else he could do would better serve the interests of teachers.

  12. In all seriousness, you have to give props to JImenez for getting Musalik elected as UFT Chapter Leader. Jimenez is as gifted as any sociopath in history.

    What must be killing him, given the deplorable lack of integrity in the DOE, is that his rise to the top hasn’t been meteoric. MCSM staff members should not feel disheartened that he is still at MCSM after all of their efforts. They stopped him from becoming a superintendent or attaining even a higher position.

    Talk about taking one for the team!

  13. I am a member of the UFT solidarity caucus and in my 22 years of experience in this field I have never heard of a UFT Chapter Leader Election be administered in such illegal and unprofessional fashion.

    According to what Dylan said the teachers were forced to place their ballots in an envelope that they had to affix their signature to. That is not an “anonymous” procedure.

    I have a few questions Dylan.

    1. Did the chapter know that this was going to be the format in which the votes would be given prior to the election?

    2. Who placed Mr. Hernandez in charge of accepting the votes?

    3. Whose idea was it to force the teachers to place their ballot inside a signed envelope?

    4. Who was responsible for opening the ballots and recording the votes? This person is important because they would be the person who could betray the UFT laws and inform the principal or anti-union factions of who voted for who.

    5. Why was the final vote tally 41-39? According to the MCSM staff statistics they have over 100 UFT members. Does this mean that 20 teachers refused to vote based on the procedure of signing their vote? If that is the case that would render the outcome null and void.

    Just to finish up: The standard procedure for voting on UFT Chapter Leader is to sign an “attendance-like” sheet to acknowledge that your vote has already been tallied on a separate piece of paper that is NOT part of the actual vote casted. It is unprecedented to do it any other way. The only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this debacle is that the principal and other co-conspirators put these measures into place to achieve the outcome they desired.

    That is considered tampering and it is illegal.

    I suggest that your staff file a staff=wide grievance to the superintendent and CC the Chancellor and the Mayor.

  14. I can’t believe that the person who was in charge of taking the votes, (in this case it appears to be Mr. Hernandez) actually lobbied for a candidate while performing this duty. Not only is this unethical it is illegal and highly unprofessional. The current chapter leader needs to notify the appropriate investigative agencies so they can take disciplinary measures against Mr. Hernandez.

    The person accepting ballots just needs to make sure that no one votes twice and that the election is fair and unbiased.

    It appears that none of this took place that day.

    What an awful school to work in.

  15. Wow! I only said that Hernandez was the head of the Election Committee and did not say that he was in charge of accepting votes. One of the people who oversaw the balloting and counting process was a person whose integrity, I believe, cannot be questioned.

    There was nothing illegal or unprofessional with the way the vote was conducted, and I won’t describe the procedure again. The problem, as Felix suggested, was that members were not made aware of the procedure that was going to be used prior to the election. If Felix and Bryan have concerns about the procedure, then new teachers undoubtedly had concerns also.

    I do not believe that teachers’ unfamiliarity with a fair balloting procedure is a reason to invalidate election results. Chalk it up to another instance in which Jimenez has been extremely lucky. (I heard that Superintendent Pena was ready to remove him years ago, but an assistant principal lied on his behalf to curry his favor. Jimenez later got rid of the assistant principal, and Pena!).

    Jimenez will eventually get what he deserves, whether it be through karma, God, Allah, the universe, fate, or whomever or whatever else you believe in. And when he falls, it will be … wait for it … legendary!

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