Open letter to the New Manhattan Center chapter leader

So it seems that David Jimenez has finally rigged the chapter leader election at Manhattan Center. The new chapter leader is David Musalik. This is an open letter to him.

Congratulations of your victory. I hope you know what you’re in for as chapter leader. I can almost predict with certainty that Jimenez is going to start an all out assault on some of the more veteran teachers that YOU NOW REPRESENT. While you have been tucked away under the wing of Jimenez I have gotten to see first hand on what you will experience. It is a war in our schools and principals are taking no prisoners. Understand this David Jimenez is not your friend. The year I was running for UFT chapter leader Jimenez stopped by the dean’s office and noted it will be good to have you on my side. As Chapter Leader there is only one side your chapter.

I leave you with the Aseop fable of the scorpion and the frog. A scorpion is trying to talk a frog into giving him a lift to get to the other side of the pond. The frog continually refused, but the scorpion is persistent. Finally, the frog said, “I will give you a lift if you promise not to sting me. ” The scorpion agreed and hopped on the frog’s back. Half way across the pond the scorpion stung the frog. As the frog slowly died he looked at the scorpion and asked “why?” The scorpion replied” it’s in my nature to sting my prey.”

Remember this fable as you deal with Jimenez and think of all the close friends he has stung. Rubio, Pepin and Pena to name a few.


One thought on “Open letter to the New Manhattan Center chapter leader

  1. As a teacher in MCSM I am seriously concerned about the future of our chapter and the school environment going forward.

    I hope Mr. Musialik knows what he’s getting himself and his colleagues into by taking this position. It is well known that Principal Jimenez has an anti-teacher agenda which places Mr. Musialik in a very precarious position both professionally and personally. Mr. McCue was the best chapter leader in the history of our school. His unwavering devotion to equality, fairness and justice for all teachers will be almost impossible to replace.

    Principal Jimenez has already declared open war against the majority of the teachers in our school for close to a decade and now Mr. Musialik has been placed on the front lines of this vicious conflict. Mr. Musialik has his work cut out for him. I have nothing against Mr. Musialik personally but I think his lack of experience in the field of education is something Principal Jimenez will look to exploit at every opportunity. I sincerely hope Mr. Musialik understands his new role is to represent the best interest of all of us and not the political agenda of Principal Jimenez.

    In all fairness Mr. Musialik won the election fair and square (we hope) so for now I will give him the benefit of the doubt but he will be tested early and often. My advice to Mr. Musialik is to seek the counsel of Mr. McCue. Being chapter leader is a great responsibility and burden in a school as tumultuous as ours. It is not a privilege or easy comp-time position as some might think.

    Mr. Musialik will have to seriously study up on the UFT by-lines and collective bargaining agreements. Principal Jimenez is notorious for launching corrupt investigations and making false allegations of teachers he has personal vendettas against. Even if Mr. Musialik does his job to the best of his or anyone’s ability Mr. Jimenez is going to make his job nearly impossible.

    I hope Mr. Musialik understands the slippery slope he has just embarked upon. I fear for our chapter because Mr. Jimenez has ways of compromising the ethics of teachers and especially those who play important political roles in determining the futures of teachers who in turn determine the futures of the children we are pledged to serve.

    I will reserve my judgement of Mr. Musialik until the rubber hits the road. I am sure Mr. Jimenez has already reached out to him and tried to compromise him as much as possible. That is just the reality of the situation. At least with Mr. McCue we all knew where he stood. My greatest concern is that Mr. Jimenez will use Mr. Musialik as controlled opposition while Mr. Jimenez continues his campaign of conspiracy and harrassment against our chapter.

    Mr. Musialik you have to realize that your future is no longer your first priority as you have chosen to be the barrier between good and evil between the administration and close to a hundred of your colleagues.

    We will find out very shortly what kind of man you are. I hope you don’t disappoint those whose careers and livlihoods depend on you now. You will most assuredly be placed in countless awkward positions where your friends will be targeted maliciously. Please always choose to do the right thing and don’t let Mr. Jimenez manipulate, compromise, or intimidate you to do what is best for him.

    Keep the students and teachers best interest at heart. You no longer work for Mr. Jimenez. You work for the school community. To do your job properly you will have to make great sacrifices and have a lot of heart and determination to stand up for what’s right.

    Good luck and congratulations.

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