The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


it seems that Renaissance Middle School principal Brian Bradley has followed in the footsteps of his mentor David Jimenez. The rumor is that Bradley has planned a trip to Great Adventures for his graduating 8th grade class. The other Rumor is that Bradley plans on paying the bill out of his own pocket. By my assumption the graduating class should have a minimum of 35 students at the Great Adventures group entry fee of $28.99. That comes to a grand total of $869.70. Now as generous as I am I’m sure that my wife would have an issue with me spending that kind of money for a trip to Great Adventures unless the money was coming from an alternate sources.

Great Adventures seems to be a popular place with the current Manhattan Center administration  (Things that make you go hmmmppp)

Beside going to Great Adventures, rumor is Bradley’s adventures also takes him to the  third floor at Manhattan Center. A number of individuals report that Bradley is often seen on the third floor with a cart during the school day. I wonder what the boy wonder is searching for on the third floor. (Or maybe he helping Albetta move?)

Hopefully somebody buys Bradley a goofy hat like Jimenez wears so he can feel just like his idol with one exception Bradley can ride all the rides simply because he meets all the height requirements at Great Adventures.

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