Principal files lawsuit


On Sunday the New York Post carried a story about a principal who is suing the Department of Education for being fired after attending a peaceful protest.

Oddly enough, in May of 2012 the students at Manhattan Center for Science and Math started a peaceful protest for a gym teacher who was being harassed by Assistant Principal Dan Albetta.

One of the students who witnessed the harassment started a petition to save the job of this gym teacher who was well liked. ( Once the administration got wind of this petition they suspended the student who started the petition and warned the teacher that he would be brought up on criminal charges if the protest took place.

The news of the suspension spread amongst the students. The next day the students walked out of class to protest the suspension of the student who started the petition. The peaceful protest turned violent when members of the administration began manhandling students. One female student was locked in an office with three male administrators until she gave up her Facebook password. The administration at Manhattan Center blamed the teacher for the protest and forced him to resign.

The act of targeting people for speaking out is nothing new at the Department of Education and especially at Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School  ( The reality in the Department of Education is,  if a teacher is outspoken, respected by their peers and popular with the students they are a danger to education. While I understand why this principal is suing the Department of Education the truth is that this individual mostly likely had the charges against him trumped up, but this happens to teachers every day when principals want to oust them. While I understand your anger I have no pity on you because it your own people that are coming after you.

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