Renaissance Man

2015-04-28 17.07.32

It’s seems that Principal Brian Bradley has caused quite a stir at Renaissance Middle School especially with the female staff members. Allegedly a number of female staff members at Renaissance have filed complaints against Mr. Bradley. Can it be Mr. Bradley is practicing a learned behavior from Manhattan Center. Last June I was questioned by the Special Commissioner of Investigations (SCI) about a blog that had surfaced about Mr. Bradley and his relationship with a para who was later hired as a gym teacher at Manhattan Center.  I will not comment on the content of that blog.

Beside the staff members of Renaissance Middle School, Bradley has also enraged the parents  of Renaissance Middle School. It seems that the parents of Renaissance are extremely active in their school and Bradley has rubbed them the wrong way by trying to install Jimenez’s type tactics at Parent meetings and the SLT.  The parents of Renaissance Middle School are highly upset with these tactics which include shutting parents out of important decisions, Fillbustering at SLT meetings and Attacking parents who are vocal and opinionated.

Here is a little reminder for Bradley. Jimenez is no longer there to protect you and cover up your screw up. Like publicly showing a student’s IEP in a staff meeting. Your teaching abilities are some what weak and I’m being nice. My observation of your demo lesson would have been a U rating from any honest administrator and you had to threaten me we a write up to get it from me.

These were some of the errors I found in Bradley lesson

1) Called six female students sweetheart and one female student  dear.

I found this lack of professionalism appalling.

2) Bradley had prepared a group assignment, but waited till the end of class to have students switch seats.

3)No Aim on the board

4) No open ended questioning.

Bradley’s questioning technique needs help his lacks using open ended question and prefers the rapid fire what questions to get a student’s response.

Some of Bradley’s questions

What is Ethnic cleansing?

There are advancement in what?

5) Bradley has limited ability to think on his feet. If it is not scripted in his lesson plan Bradley cannot Improvise.

Bradley meteoric rise from grammar school teacher, to Assistant Principal of Special Ed at Manhattan Center to Principal of a Middle School has more to do with Bradley’s oration skills than his teaching abilities. Bradley is a used car salesman at heart. At Manhattan Center he was the face and voice of every staff meeting spewing his rhetoric as if he was the be all of end all of Education. BRADLEY WAS ALSO A WILLING PARTICIPANT IN THE MIKE THOMAS INCIDENT  (

I wish the parents and staff of Renaissance Middle School well and Solidarity forever. ( )

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