Moishe’s Moving Company is hiring


YESTERDAY (4-20-2015) The Social Studies/English  teachers at Manhattan Center had a professional development in moving furniture. The professional development was lead by Albetta’s crony. The PD consisted of five people moving a table together. Then to make it more challenging the leader of the PD added a bowl/cup of water to the table and had each group of five move them without dropping the water.  Now I’m assuming here, but it seems Albetta might be moving and he needs furniture movers at a low cost.

I realized that this is supposed to be a team building exercise, but according to people there no one explained how it should be used in a classroom. I also understand that the crony who lead the PD spend three weeks of a US history course teaching Tecumseh.

Attention staff: Next week’s PD is going to be how to fold cocktail napkins and walk with a serving tray because the school is supplying their own wait staff for Prom.


One thought on “Moishe’s Moving Company is hiring

  1. That is a serious violation of the collective bargaining agreement. Professional Development day is allocated for helping teachers improve at instruction, not manual labor. The department he forced to engage in this behavior should file a class action lawsuit against him.

    It doesn’t surprise me though. Mr. Albetta doesn’t even know what year the war of 1812 started in nor does he know who is buried in Grant’s tomb.

    I can’t believe this moron is still head of that department. He is by far the most unqualified person for AP of Social Studies in the history of the field of education.

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