Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Albetta it seems.


I first want to thank all of you who reached out to me today. I was notified today that I was all over Facebook. It seems the Administrators at Manhattan Center have decided to create their own blog about me. Now I don’t have Facebook because If I didn’t want to talk with you thirty years ago I don’t want to talk with you today. I know it is the administration because they had sent me notice on this blog about their blog. I HAVE THEIR IP ADDRESSES WHICH I WILL NOT GIVE OUT ON THIS BLOG.

It seems the Administrators blog harps on me allegedly calling Mr.Albetta a derogatory name. I have detailed this the post below from March 18, 2014.


From what I understand about their blog (which I’ve read recently they attack my family with some of their comments.) One of the phone calls I received today asked me if I was upset about what they wrote. My response. “Absolutely not.” When I was asked why I responded because they want me to act like an upset student who sees something posted on Facebook and wants to fight. The truth is Jimenez, Albetta and Hernandez are hoping I’ll response like that so they can do the same thing they did to Mike Thomas http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com

Here is the scenario, Jimenez flops to the floor and cries that I hit him. Albetta and Hernandez are witnesses. Meanwhile Jimenez does not have a single bruise on him. Let’s face these morons want to be victims. They feared me when I was at Manhattan Center because people had respect for me and they fear me now because I tell the truth about them.

The reality to me that “Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.”  And if you look at their blog think about who is writing it.


3 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. Albetta it seems.

  1. Its funny how people hate how much respect a person has wen he busts his ass an does wat he have to do i known john silvers for many years an this guy has been a father figure a role model if it wasnt for him i would of never finished high school an be the person that i am today and out of all years i known him he has never disrespected anybody in any way he was always a respectful gentleman dont believe the lies cuz if u ask any student that silvers taught they will always speak about him good with their head up high.

    • Thank you for your kind words Chris.. You were the an extraordinary students who has become an extraordinary young man. When teachers look back at their careels they will always talk about those students who made them proud you are one of them.

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