Fifty Shades of Bulls@$!

2015-04-15 20.53.38

This is like a never ending saga that no one wants to talk about. It seems another New York City Public school principal has taken a page from the David Jimenez playbook and allegedly sexual harassed a school employee.

(Download the Pdf and read how Jimenez allegedly sexual harassed a female AP)

The case involving Andre Dash a male AP and Susan Rosenthal a female principal has an all to familiar ring of the Bray/Jimenez case.

Last year a female principal was removed for having sex in school during school hours.

It seems that students have taken to modeling the behavior of school leaders like the those above.

I have a few questions

Why does the DOE try to discredit every person who brings sexual harassment or workplace harassment charges against any principal?

Why does the DOE fail to acknowledge that their might be serious issues with their administrators?

When is the DOE going to punish a principal who is accused of sexual harassment or is the Department waiting for a real black eye?


6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Bulls@$!

  1. So you have been across my FB news feed all day and i really dont believe all that nonsense they are talking, see i dont know if you remember me but i graduated in 2010 and i wasnt exactly the best student however i wasnt any where close to stupid. I knew the bullshit albetta and jimenez were up to and i also know every student thought highly of you. You were always there to help anyone in need, you were a great teacher when it came to real life issues and never taught out of a textbook but to encourage students to become a better individual. You even boosted my self confidence as a student and member of the baseball team, even if i only had a horrible position as pinch runner. You really motivated students and for that you will always be remembered, its sad that politics makes people turn on others and that when someone is doing well they the opposition is always trying to eliminate that person for fear of them being seen as better. Stay strong my Friend!

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