Now you’s can’t leave.

I have used the classic quote from a Bronx Tale as the title for this post because of this morning incident in the Love Cafe.(at 7:20am 4-13-2015) Unfortunately, for me I had run into David Jimenez, who has finally realized that he is going bald and shaved his head. congratulations on losing the Homey the Clown Mohawk.

Jimenez was accompanied by Dennis Hernandez who seemed to have spent his break watching a Bronx Tale.

When Jimenez walked into the Love Cafe he made sure that his presence was recognized by bellowing “Good Morning Everyone” As Jimenez walked to the back Hernandez did his best Chaz Palminteri impression and took a position by the door just behind me.

Immediately Hernandez was on his phone most likely texting Albetta. Who would have made the third part of the team if he could have moved his eyes away from the computer screen.

Now for the fun part as I left the Love Cafe I realized two things; The Love Cafe has cameras which means that these two morons and their behavior can be viewed over and over. Maybe this is the reason Albetta didn’t show up because his last on camera apearance during the Mike Thomas incident shows him to be the aggressor. I also got a kick out of how fast Jimenez ran to Hernandez when I left. I could just hear that conversation.
Jimenez: We scared him.
Hernandez: Yea we did and it was on tape.

Well you didn’t scare me actually you made me laugh because it shows me the true fear you have in your hearts.

Second thing I realized is that Jimenez will stop at nothing to become a victim. His behavior is predictable and as the late John Ayala once told me “watch your back because they are planning on doing to you what they did to Mike Thomas.”


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