The Return of Bugs Jimenez


Burrowing himself deeper into his hole Bugs Jimenez wondered to himself, “how did I get here.” As he thought to himself he began to realize that in 2007 when he was assigned to Manhattan Center it was a good and peaceful place. Back then people were happy to come to work. Ahhhh how he wished for those days. Suddenly, reality struck as Bugs’ phone jingled. He picked it up to look at it. That’s  when he realiized that it was another post about him on that dreaded principal website http://www.DTOE.ORG/Anoi .

Shaking with angry Bugs screamed out Aaaaahhhhh. The scream frightened the other bunnies who were depended on him for their Easter Egg routes. Almost immediately the door to Bugs’ office flew open. “Er Ya known What’s the matter boss,” replied Yosemite Albetta. ”

My name has another commemt on that dreaded DTOE.ORG blog.”  Suddenly, Lola Bunny Winchester hopped into Bugs’ office. She screeched, Bugs there is a new website that allows people to FOIL is called (

Hopping mad now Bugs Jimenez went on a tirade. Nobody knows what it like to be a principal. I could teach English better then anyone in the English Department. Maybe I get a degree in history so I can teach science. Everybody against me because I’m short. I could be tall if I wore lifts.”

Throughly confused Yosemite Albetta and Lola Bunny Winchester looked at each other and formulated the right answer not to anger Bugs. Both spoke at the same time as if scripted. You are the greatest principal in the history of the Department of Education. You maybe short in height, but you’re tall in the public eye.

Bugs waved them away. Once away from Bugs’ office  Yosemite Albetta and Lola Bunny Winchester looked at each other and stated, ” I wonder if Bradley has openings in his school.”


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