Manhattan Center principal David Jimenez once told a gym teacher that his students would forget him and that he had to let go. Well maybe that the case with David Jimenez and Daniel Albetta, but as for myself since I’ve been in the ATR pool I have ran into a number of my former students and everyone remembered me.

One student told me that they became a teacher because of me. After jokingly apologizing for their career choice, I told how proud I was of them. They reminded me of how I used to talk about the “lights going on look” when they got something. They explained they now know what I meant by that look and the feeling of accomplishment you feel as a teacher.

Another student I ran into is working in banking. When I ran into this students they we were with their Co Workers. This student bragged about how good of a teacher I was and how they passed the Regents because of me. How on their last day in my class as seniors I had their last free meal for them which consist of eggs, bacon and sausages. The students Co-workers replied we never had teachers that would do that for us.

Recently, I sat by proudly as three former students participated in a career day at a school I was assigned to. Each students pointed out that I was there teacher when they were in high school. As I sat there and listened to their accomplishments and their current career I felt a sense of pride knowing that I had contributed to their development as viable members of our society.

I also ran into a couple of students who had to leave Manhattan Center because they believed they were being targeted. One student was friends with a student who was suspended because he started a petition for a former Manhattan Center gym teacher. (https://decruztruth.wordpress.com) This student told me how the petition began. It seems Mr. Albetta had did an informal observation on Mr. Decruz’s weight training class.

The student (who’s name I cannot used because they’re are still a student.)explained that Mr. Albetta seemed like he was going after Mr. Decruz by asking students questions like, “is Mr.Decruz always prepared” and “Does he sleep in class.”

The student explained that the protest was the idea of a number of students who were tried of watching teachers being targeted by Jimenez and Albetta. Interesting I thought, The student noted that the protest began to get out of hand when Albetta manhandled a number of students. (Funny thing here is in April 2008 Manhattan Center for Science and Math students peaceful protested the removal of a Math Center math teacher. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DAwo3yV70iY)


THE ANSWER: Daniel Albetta

David Jimenez was wrong when told that teacher that these students would forget him. Well my students never forgot me.

I and a few other former Manhattan Center teachers won’t forget David Jimenez or Daniel Albetta because their behavior towards staff members have made them unforgettable.

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